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Are you looking for a mobile computer to help improve patient safety at the point-of-care?

Honeywell Scanning & Mobility developed the Dolphin® 9700hc mobile computer with caregivers in mind. Equipped with a disinfectant-ready housing that mitigates the risk of spreading infectious disease, the rugged Honeywell 9700hc is a smart way to enhance workflow at the point-of-care. With integrated wireless, bar code scanning, and image and video capture technology, the Dolphin 9700hc is a robust mobility assistant that goes wherever caregivers need to go. Additionally, Honeywell has long-standing relationships with industry-leading information systems providers, ensuring that fully integrated solutions are available. Choose the Honeywell Dolphin 9700hc to equip your caregivers with a productivity-enhancing tool for point-of-care applications.

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