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Many people view Honeywell as a hardware company – and it is. But it is also a software company, because great hardware needs powerful software to make it more effective. When hardware and software work together, business is better.

Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions offers the hardware and software technology solutions you need to easily connect your people, your assets, and your processes.

With Honeywell, supply chains run faster and more efficiently. Workers are more productive and safer. Medical professionals are better equipped for patient safety and care. And managers have enriched operational intelligence with data-driven insights for better decision-making.

From international shipping ports to regional distribution centers, manufacturing plants to field service operations, national retailers to local healthcare providers, we’ve helped thousands of organizations around the world break down barriers and achieve operational excellence.

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Productivity Products: Innovation in AIDC, Leader in Industrial Productivity

Honeywell’s Productivity Products business creates mobile computers, printers, data capture devices, and software solutions that improve worker productivity in thousands of companies of all sizes around the world. Honeywell helped pioneer the barcode scanning market in the 1970s, and over the years its new innovations have helped retailers, distributors, and industrial users achieve significant improvements in efficiency, speed, and accuracy in their operations.

Improving Enterprise Performance With Connected Solutions

It’s a healthy obsession. And it’s why we believe “The Future is What We Make It” – working together to turn your toughest challenges into a solution that makes your enterprise smarter, faster, safer, and more sustainable.


• Global headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina
• Global workforce: ∼20,000
• Global sales (2018): $6.3B USD
• Automatic identification and data capture patents: ~1500
• Channel partners: 5,000+

Global Impact of Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions

workers yearly enhance their
productivity and safety with
Honeywell solutions.
of U.S. hospitals rely on our
data capture devices to ensure
patients receive the correct
medicine dosage.
The average number of cloud
transactions that Honeywell
Movilizer technology enables
every day.
of the top 25 food retailers
globally use Honeywell voice
The number of multinational
customers that Honeywell
Movilizer Cloud Solutions
$20 Billion+
The amount Honeywell voice
saves companies in productivity
and accuracy every year.

Software Transformation for Industry

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Honeywell connects the physical and digital worlds to deliver new and impactful answers to enterprise supply chain challenges. Watch as we highlight new software, hardware, and services that help industrial organizations and retailers increase productivity, efficiency, throughput, and worker safety.


Honeywell Productivity on YouTube

Bookmark our YouTube channel where you can learn more about our products and solutions. You’ll also find case study videos showing how working with Honeywell has benefitted organizations in a variety of industries around the world.


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