On June 10, 2018, Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 reached its end of support. On January 14, 2020, support will end for Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5. From that point on, all mobile devices running these versions of Windows will be unprotected against security threats. The deadline is fast approaching. Is your company ready to transition to Android™?

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Time to move to Android

Time to move to Android?

Choosing the right mobile devices is a critical business decision. The key to making it simple for IT teams is finding devices that use a consistent deployment scheme and maintain a steady security update cadence. Honeywell devices based on the Mobility Edge platform provide you with easy enrollment options, timely software and security updates, as well as business-ready hardware which is Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) by Google.

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What this mean for you

What this means for you

With the EOL dates approaching, you must plan your upgrade strategy now to avoid hiccups in your operations. Once this deadline passes, the technological advances, security fixes, and device updates will end – leaving your business at risk for security issues and diminished productivity.

Ready to migrate?

Watch how the new Honeywell CK65 is supported through Android R! Our Mobility Edge™ is the only mobile platform that guarantees security through Android R.

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Why the Mobility Edge unified platform?

Our platform approach allows customers to select the form factors that best meet their use cases. With a variety of purpose-built devices available, you have the flexibility to match the tool to the job, while avoiding the overhead normally associated with supporting multiple devices. Since the core design and software are shared across the platform, support is dramatically simplified.

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How Mobility Edge reduces cost, effort, and risk

Designed for Android, the Mobility Edge platform allows businesses to develop and deploy faster while reducing development costs. The integrated Operational Intelligence solution enables you to monitor devices with automated, real-time feedback that reduces the burden of maintenance and upgrades.

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Our guarantee to provide support through Android R

Making the business case for the Mobility Edge platform

Let's look at an example of the four-year total cost of ownership (TCO) advantage a company can realize when they deploy an enterprise device built on the Mobility Edge platform compared to a competitive enterprise alternative:

Keep in mind that your TCO advantage becomes even more compelling as you adopt multiple Mobility Edge device form factors across your operations.

Select the right device for your operations

Honeywell has a family of devices built on the Mobility Edge platform, all designed to make your transition to Android easy.

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