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SwiftDecoder Barcode Decoding and Character Recognition Software

SwiftDecoder™ provides you with industrial grade barcode scanning and OCR functionality for a broad range of wearable and mobile platforms. It's mission-critical decoding and character recognition technology for industrial and enterprise applications.

The SwiftDecoder family contains a complete offering of SDKs for mobile platforms, including:

  • SwiftDecoder SDK for iOS
  • SwiftDecoder SDK for Android
  • SwiftDecoder SDK for Windows 10

Honeywell also offers SwiftDecoder as a standalone decoder for industrial cameras, Windows, Linux, and purpose-built devices. Each SDK supports the latest development platforms. You'll have a comprehensive set of tools ready to develop your own best-in-class apps for commercial solutions.

Ensure your app delivers robust and accurate decoding and character recognition. Choose SwiftDecoder software from Honeywell.

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