Remote Monitoring Harnesses the Internet of Things (IoT) to Deliver Real-Time Insights

Remote Monitoring delivers real-time awareness: what, where, and when.

Boost Safety and Productivity in the Workplace

Honeywell Connected Worker Remote Monitoring Solutions combine wireless, wearable safety, health, and position tracking with complex, yet easy-to-use software that reliably keeps safety managers and workers connected 24/7. Connected Worker is the industry’s first truly integrated plant-wide safety solution. It combines fixed, portable, and wearable biometric and threat detection monitors and worker status and location information with software-based data logging, training, and inventory management tracking and integration to workflow and process software. Honeywell Connected Worker solutions deliver real-time visibility of worker hazards, status, and location, data analytics, and easy system integration. The outcome? Improved productivity, faster emergency response, and greater worker, plant, and community safety.

Remote Connectivity is Key to Worker Safety

Helping workers stay safe on the job is a crucial daily mission. Honeywell Connected Remote Threat Detection solutions provide enterprise, plant-wide monitoring that harness the Internet of Things (IoT) to give plant managers and operations real-time insights on gas threats, concentration, location, man-down, biometrics and plume status – so your organization can know what’s happening, the second it’s happening,. Location and incident knowledge also helps response and protects other workers in the area, responders, and the community.
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Remote Monitoring Addresses Challenges for You

Know about concentration, location, man-down, biometrics, and plume status the second it’s happening, and where it’s happening.
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Minimize Safety Incidents

Connected hardware and software make it easy to track the location and safety status of your workers in real-time – which ensures they are protected during their shift, and incidents can receive rapid response – so you can protect your business and your people.
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Promote Preventive Behavior

Connected Remote Monitoring Solutions come in several varieties. This allows you to remotely monitor safety, productivity, and compliance — from a lone worker to an entire plant. The solutions improve productivity, protect your brand, reduce costs and downtime, and help create a positive safety work environment.
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Anywhere, Anytime Real-Time Alerts

Data from each detector – including threat readings, alarms, man-down status, compliance status, worker location, and other information – is sent instantly to a map-based display or mobile device that’s viewable from a remote location.
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Streamline Safety Procedures

Always-on real-time monitoring can alert other plant workers to avoid the incident (or respond); communities, if a plume exudes; and local response teams, government, and spokespersons. You have centralized command and control on your workers’ safety, productivity, and compliance.
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Discover Real-Time Remote Monitoring Solutions

Honeywell Connected Remote Monitoring Solutions combine connected threat monitors and other safety devices with real-time monitoring software – to give you centralized command and control of your workers’ safety, productivity, and compliance.
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ConneXt Safety Solutions

Keep your people and your facilities safe from the risk of toxic gases with our ConneXt wireless safety solutions. These solutions combine technologies from RAE Systems, BW Technologies, and Honeywell, in turn-key kits or customizable arrays of devices and remote monitors. With our complete, wireless solutions, you can detect the presence of toxic gases or reduced oxygen levels in real time for improved decision-making, faster response times, and increased productivity
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ConneXt Loneworker

Honeywell’s unique LoneWorker solutions combine wirelessly enabled gas detection and complex cloud-based software that reliably keeps safety managers and lone workers connected all the time via cellular or satellite networks. Safety managers have real-time visibility to location, detector status, and, if applicable, vehicle telematics. Organizations can improve safety, ensure compliance with procedures, manage costs, and protect their reputation.
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True Stories – How Connected Solutions Benefit Global Organizations

Learn about Connected user stories and examples. See how you, your workers, and your business can benefit from Honeywell Connected Solutions. And how global operations have reduced safety-related incidents at industrial facilities, which have helped reduce risks, increase compliance and productivity, and enhance revenue and worker and community safety.
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Wireless Gas-Detection Monitoring Goes Beyond Responder Safety and Data Collection

A major tank leak at an Australian port leverages extensive role of wireless gas-detection monitoring during extended HAZMAT situations.
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Air quality monitored for 12,000 residents

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More than 105,000 gallons of contaminated water removed

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Increased Safety

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