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      Fastway Couriers operates across Ireland and Northern Ireland with over 250 courier franchisees.
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Case Study (PDF)

October 2016

Fastway Couriers saves up to €2 million per year with Honeywell CN51 mobile computers.

Fastway Couriers operates across Ireland and Northern Ireland with over 250 courier franchisees. The company used to repair their mobile computers in house, with a 2-4 week turnaround time to get the devices back. In the absence of a buffer stock solution, couriers had to resort to paper-based run sheets – leading to lost productivity and errors. Zetes, a company specialized in supply chain, identification and mobility solutions, proposed a fully managed tool, with the Honeywell CN51 mobile terminal at its core. The solution enables Fastway Couriers to speed up the delivery process, save money, and focus on new IT projects.

The Needs

  • A mobility solution to maximize device uptime, replace faulty devices quicker, and eliminate paper-run sheets.

  • Speed up the delivery process and allow couriers to earn more money by delivering more parcels.

  • Free up additional IT resources by removing the burden of mobile device management from the internal IT department.

The Benefits

  • The high-performance scanning ability of the CN51 helps couriers save time in the field. Carriers save up to 1 hour per day – delivering more parcels and earning more money.

  • The new solution streamlines the delivery and administration processes, generating cost savings of almost €2 million per year.

  • Outsourced maintenance and scanner support empowers Fastway Couriers to free up internal IT resources for other projects.

The Solution

Meet James, one of the 250 people who provide parcel delivery services for Fastway Couriers in Dublin. In his daily routine, he drives a van to get packages to various parts of the country. As a franchisee, his revenue is established using a per parcel delivery rate, so he has to make sure that all his deliveries run as smoothly as possible.

However, occasionally his mobile computer would break down, causing delays in the delivery process. At this point, problems can begin to pile up, starting with the way he logs every parcel shipment in the company program.

In such a situation, James has to write down all the necessary information for each delivery. Afterward, he has to transfer that information physically into the Fastway records system. This entire process can diminish productivity and generate errors.

With the new mobile solution from Zetes, James benefits from helpdesk support, maintenance, and swap service. This service enables the replacement of faulty mobile computers within a 24h window.

Furthermore, all drivers – including James – are now equipped with the latest generation of mobile terminals: the Honeywell CN51 for parcel pick-up and delivery.

The high-performance scanning ability on the CN51 helps James save time while loading his van and delivering a package. The professional imagers of the CN51 provide optimal barcode scanning capabilities, with motion tolerance to eliminate costly delays and user frustration.

This way, James can go back to doing his daily work in a more efficient manner. Thanks to the CN51 mobile computer, he can now deliver more parcels, improve the satisfaction of his customers, and ultimately earn more money.

Contact information: Bronwyn Campbell, Head of Customer Experience at Fastway Couriers

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