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You’ve got a vision. To set your stores apart in a tough environment. To put on an unforgettable performance for customers. To remake your operations into a symphony. Let’s make it happen together. It’s about more than new devices or greater data visibility. It’s about creating entirely new connections – between shoppers, smartphones, store shelves, software, budgets, staffing and so much more. That’s why Connected Retail Solutions bring together proven expertise, hardware, software and support services, all backed by a powerful data engine. It’s a level of interconnection and reach that only Honeywell can provide. And it’s how we’ll help you elevate what makes your store unique, compelling and profitable, in every key task and customer interaction. Take a moment to discover how Honeywell can help you achieve retail transformation

2018 Global Retail Research Summary

Learn the latest trends in omnichannel fulfillment, technology adoption and more.


You've got something the e-tailers don't.

You're closer to the consumer. Honeywell helps provide both the personal touch and immediate satisfaction your customers demand. Accelerate checkouts. Streamline fulfillment. Put more product info in associates' hands.

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Case Study: Laura Ashley UK

Laura Ashley improved inventory management and allowed store associated to better help customers.
Customer checking out at a retail store
Dolphin CT40 Handheld Computer
Customers using a Honeywell handheld computer in a retail store

"We've significantly streamlined our checkout process with Honeywell. And we've gained better access to information about our customers, so we can offer better value."

- Benjamin Ross, Vice President, Muscle Maker Grill

Unlock new top-line revenues.

Turn the tide by mastering more flexible fulfillment options - BOPIS, home delivery and more - to strengthen customer loyalty.
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Give your customer confidence that they'll find what they want, when and where they want it.

We'll help you do everything possible to see and fill every possible gap in your inventory management process. Expedite gap scans. Minimize out-of-stocks. Maximize accuracy.

"We use Honeywell technology every day in order to check prices, arrange the shelves, enter orders, deliver merchandise, and check expiry dates."

- Natassa Kalogeraki, Head of Dry Cargo, My Market, Metro Supermarket
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Retail worker scanning clothes in a retail store
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How can directed work help you meet today's fulfillment challenges?

DCs have used the same proven technology to dramatically increase efficiency.
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Did you know:

Applying real-time data can help you improve inventory accuracy by 90%. Honeywell can help you get there.
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No two days are alike in retail. That makes it exciting, but can also make it hard to work efficiently.

Honeywell helps you simplify tasks and be more predictable - helping your associates focus on delighting customers. Deploy faster. Staff smarter. Direct work for greater accuracy and efficiency.

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ScanPal EDA70 Handheld Computer
Retail worker restocking shelves

"Rather than single-purpose technology, we have a solution that allows us to service, sales and task all in the same device.

- Andres Bull, IT Business Solutions Manager, Marks & Spencer

Faster, easier operations - 

Enhance job satisfaction and your team's productivity by up to 35% with task-directing technology.
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