Customers Love It When a Plan Comes Together

A gap in inventory is like a missed cue on stage: It’s a mistake they’ll always remember. So you’ve got to connect all the dots in your inventory, all the time. Leveraging technologies and expertise proven over decades in the DC, we can help you expedite gap scans, minimize out-of-stocks and maximize accuracy. Turn to Honeywell to ensure the right products are always in prime time with directed work and mobile technologies, software and comprehensive support.

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Master Your Omni-Channel Fulfillment Challenge

Help your team react quickly with state-of-the-art tools of productivity. Built on agile and ergonomic platforms, including proven Honeywell directed work systems, to make it easy to tailor to your specific inventory workflows.

The Power of a Connected Platform

At the heart of every Connected Retail solution is Honeywell Sentience, the data engine that enables instant IoT interaction, data collection and insightful analytics. Sentience helps us continuously meet evolving challenges – quickly creating and deploying the innovative solutions today’s challenges demand.

Enterprise Mobility Services

Roll out solutions faster, make them stick and get more value out of all your technologies over time. With an install base of 1.5 million managed devices, and supporting over 225+ global carrier partners covering all major operating systems and hardware vendors, you can be confident that the proven expertise and comprehensive support of the Honeywell team is always with you.

Making Innovation Work with Your Budget

Let’s design financing terms that are flexible and suitable for your business. We call it Honeywell-as-a-Service – transforming an up-front capital expenditure into an ongoing operating expense. Bundle everything into one monthly plan you can count on.

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