Pharmacy Workflow Solutions

Shouldn’t the barcodes you produce in the pharmacy set quality standards for the entire hospital? We think so. And we can help.

Honeywell has long championed nursing barcode scanning and printing solutions for medication administration at the bedside. We can do the same for your pharmacy with solutions that help you improve workflow efficiency, accuracy and patient safety, while managing costs.

To Keep Pace With the Demands of Modern Healthcare, Your Pharmacy Operations Must Be Efficient and Accurate

Doing so requires fast, precise barcode scanners and printers that optimize your workflows. That’s where Honeywell can help.

The Honeywell Xenon Area-Imaging Scanner has been setting the standard for accuracy and speed at the bedside for years. There is a difference and nurses know it. Isn't it time your pharmacy explore this difference?

Honeywell scanning technology is based on digital imaging instead of lasers. It’s an important distinction. Like a digital camera, imagers take a picture of the barcode to read it. Laser scanners use a laser beam as a light source and measure the light reflected back from the barcode in order to read it.

Why a Digital Imaging Scanner?

Imaging is faster, more tolerant of curved labels, and especially well suited for reading the smallest 2D barcodes used in lab applications. Whether your applications call for hands-free, mounted scanners or truly mobile cordless scanners, Honeywell technology is the recognized healthcare leader. Explore our pharmacy scanning solutions.

The ability to quickly and easily print and scan barcode labels is just as important to pharmacy technicians as it is to nurses. To ensure a closed loop barcode ID system between the two hospital teams, it’s critical that the pharmacy’s barcode scanning system matches the system nurses use. Eliminating hard-to-read barcodes is a key benefit. (No one in the hospital wants to struggle with “bad barcodes.”)

Pharmacy Label Printers are Like Hubs in a Medication Administration System

You want precise printing that’s fast. And your printers must be reliable and easy to maintain. Simply put, we believe that Honeywell printer products will exceed your expectations. And we offer custom label media products, too. Explore Honeywell pharmacy printing solutions.

Mobile Computing in the Pharmacy is Really Taking Off

New mobile pharmacy applications are now available for the CT50h Clinical Smartphone and the Apple iPad®, iPhone® and even iPod®.

Find out more about what your pharmacy operations can accomplish with Honeywell pharmacy workflow solutions. Contact us today.


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