How to Beat Your Competitors: Improve Accuracy and Service

Competition is brutal. You’ve got to deliver more accurately and faster than ever – and do it with less to make a profit – or lose customers to the competition. From the first mile to the last, we can help with workflow solution expertise specifically for your industry. Honeywell cost-saving postal, courier, express and parcel (CEP) workflow solutions equip you to increase service quality, productivity and asset utilization. That'll give a nice boost to your bottom line while helping you build a happy, loyal customer base.

Deliver a Superior Customer Experience to Grow Revenue

Customers demand instant information access throughout the shipping process. It's an expected part of the new customer experience. 

From point of pickup to final destination, Honeywell mobile computing solutions track items automatically, regardless of how many times they’re handled. And they complete each item’s journey with proof-of-delivery and documentation of condition.

Honeywell solutions also deliver proactive customer notification and transparency to every facet of service. The result is superior customer satisfaction. And that leads to repeat business and greater revenue.

Eliminate Costly Errors with Data Accuracy

Higher velocity demands accurate data collection. There’s only one first chance to collect an item and get the information right. Because if it’s incorrect in any way, it can lead to downstream re-handling costs. Not good.

Now you can eliminate errors before they can impact your downstream operations. Honeywell automated shipment address verification software and document management workflow solutions make it possible. There’s simply no reason to let extra handling and avoidable costs from labor, errors, damage and returns create unnecessary customer dissatisfaction or lost customers.

Achieve Operational and Equipment Efficiency

Operational efficiency through better asset management is critical to controlling costs. Workers will stockpile and hide equipment just to make sure they have enough for peak times – often harming the enterprise’s overall efficiency. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can get more from the equipment you have and avoid unnecessary, expensive purchases.

With Honeywell solutions including barcoded and RFID tagged inventory, you’ll have real-time visibility to mobile assets like totes and cages. Visibility into inventory, use (full or empty) and condition improves asset utilization. 

Complete, Proven Postal, Courier, Express and Parcel Solutions From Honeywell

If you’re a T&L executive that’s driven to change the competitive position of your enterprise, take notice. Our unique mobile workflow solutions will equip you to drive more efficient, accurate and transparent postal CEP operations. As a result, you’ll be able to make better decisions, improve customer service, and increase your revenue and profits.

Honeywell is a workflow performance company. We design the leading data capture and information management solutions at the interface between postal CEP operations and customers.

Enhancing our customers’ workflow performance. It's what we do. Contact us to learn more about what our integrated solutions can do for you.


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