Nursing Workflow Solutions for Bedside Point of Care

Nurses at the bedside must balance hands-on patient care with an ever-increasing need to manage medical technology – all while electronically documenting every activity and observation. With Honeywell workflow solutions, you’ll equip your clinicians with tools that increase productivity and simplify their day, so they can focus on patient care. 

Honeywell WoW Cart Solutions Dramatically Improve Scanning at the Bedside

WoW cart barcode scanning may be common throughout your hospital today, but are your clinicians really equipped to handle growing pressures for more efficiency, more data collection, and better electronic records? With Honeywell solutions, they can be. 

Honeywell WoW cart solutions dramatically improve the way clinicians use barcode scanners at the bedside. For example, nurses using the Honeywell Xenon™ cordless barcode scanner quickly discover that mounting the scanner in an elevated, forward-facing orientation allows them to fully benefit from the scanner’s “presentation mode” feature. 

Presentation mode scanning is faster because it eliminates the need to squeeze the trigger, and frees the second hand for quickly handling items.

Specimen Collection

What’s the leading defense against mislabeled specimens? Bedside printing. Honeywell’s WoW cart-mounted or wall-mounted PB22 printer is the ideal solution for specimen labeling at the bedside. And in some applications, a wall-mounted PC23d printer is even more versatile for in-room printing.

Medication Administration

Both WoW carts and mobile handheld devices are commonly used for the meds admin workflow. See new Honeywell technologies that revolutionize the way nurses verify medications at the bedside.

Clinical Smartphones, too – the Converged Mobile Device

Mobile device convergence in healthcare is transforming the way hospitals deliver care. Take the power of a barcode-capable handheld computer. Combine it with the functionality and user experience of a smartphone, plus the variety of emerging healthcare mobile applications. 

The result: The clinical smartphone. 

Today’s mobile clinicians can now have full access to patient data, medical device status, clinical alarm events, and secure care team communication whenever and wherever they are in the hospital. All without being tethered to a desktop or WoW cart computer.

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