Creating the Perfect Retail Customer Experience

In an omni-channel world, are you rising to your customers’ expectations once they’re inside your doors? Or are you falling behind – and losing sales in the process?

The truth is, consumers are the real omni-channel experts. How many times have you seen a customer in front of a product display tapping her smartphone screen? Is she online looking for product information? Reading a product review? Price shopping?

In-Store Mobile Engagement Boosts Sales, Enriches Customer Shopping Experience

While empowering consumers, mobile technology has also been the driving force in reshaping retail customer engagement and the customer experience. Further, consumers who are engaged by mobile device-wielding associates are far more likely to spend more and evangelize the brand.

In-store mobile engagement does more than keep your store relevant. It builds the store's contribution to sales. Are you missing out?

Honeywell iOS Sleds, Mobile Computers and Receipt Printers Can Help Your Business Thrive

How? By empowering your mobile store associates with easy access to information about product, price, promotion and stock. They'll be ready to answer questions and provide guided selling. And they can accept credit card payments and print receipts from anywhere in the store or from remote locations. These value-added services enrich the customer's shopping experience and increase your potential for greater share of wallet.

And there's another benefit to equipping your store associates with the right mobile technologies. Not only will you increase customer engagement, but also employee engagement – a sure way to help reduce turnover.

Streamline Your Mobile Marketing Programs       

Our industry-leading imaging technology equips your store associates to:

  • Identify shoppers and scan their mobile coupons at the point of sale. Easy-to-implement 2D barcodes displayed on customers' smart devices improves their shopping experience and your top-line revenue.
  • Expand your loyalty program by quickly and accurately enrolling shoppers at the point of sale – proven to be the most effective time and place to extend a loyalty program offer.
  • Quickly acquire customer information with the scan of a driver's license. Honeywell 2D imagers with EasyDL™ software make it simple, while minimizing the impact on average checkout time.

And whether your checkout clerks use a handheld scanner, presentation scanner or in-counter bioptic scanner, or your shoppers self-scan mobile barcodes, Honeywell has a solution to elevate performance and the customer experience right now.

Boost sales and enrich the customer experience. To find out more about what your retail store can achieve with Honeywell solutions, contact us today.
Retail worker using an enterprise sled
Retail worker using an enterprise sled
Retail worker using an enterprise sled


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