Hospital Stockroom Material Management Solutions

Maintaining, distributing, and tracking medical supplies and inventory is critical for patient care and proper billing. Honeywell mobile computers, barcode scanners and printers are routinely deployed throughout hospitals for supply chain and PAR management workflows. 

By leveraging technologies developed for the warehouse, Honeywell data collection tools can help ensure that your hospital supply chain workflows are efficient and productive.

Mobile Handheld Computers for the Hospital Supply Chain

Mobile handheld computers have been a common solution choice for hospital supply chain systems. In fact, Honeywell’s own mobile handheld computers have been tested and deployed with the leading supply chain software systems and delivered years of proven reliability for inventory management workflows. 

Now, with the boom in mobile technology, we’ve seen many of these software solutions expand so hospitals can track inventory with smartphones and tablets too. And again, Honeywell has been ready. The CT50h Clinical Smartphone and our Captuvo Enterprise Barcode Sleds for the Apple® iPad mini™, iPhone®, and iPod® transform your mobile devices into superior workflow tools for the supply chain.

For more information, please see Hospital Stockroom and Supply Chain Data Collection Products. 

Why Printing Barcode Labels is Likely One of the Next Big Demands for Hospital Inventory Control

Relabeling supplies as they head up to the floors is a critical step in inventory management. And just like the pharmacy must produce quality barcodes that are easy for nurses to read, your stockroom team must print precise barcodes for clinical workflows too. The hard truth is that clinicians simply don’t have time to deal with poor barcodes when patient care is waiting. And that’s another reason to turn to Honeywell. 

Explore the complete line of Honeywell supply chain barcode label printers. There’s a model to fit your every need.

Digital Imaging Excels in Warehouse and Clinical Barcode Applications

In some inventory control applications, it’s best to attach a barcode scanner to a PC or laptop. Rest assured, Honeywell excels in this product category. We’ve pushed the level of quality and performance to provide you with a family of warehouse-ready and clinical-ready barcode scanners you can trust. 

Honeywell scanning technology is based on digital imaging instead of lasers. It’s an important distinction. Like a digital camera, imagers take a picture of the barcode to read it. Laser scanners use a laser beam as a light source and measure the light reflected back from the barcode in order to read it. 

Why a digital imaging scanner? Imaging is faster, more tolerant of bad barcode labels, and especially well suited for reading the smallest 2D barcodes used on many healthcare products. Whether your applications call for hands-free, mounted scanners or truly mobile cordless scanners, Honeywell technology is the recognized healthcare leader.
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