A Suite of Solutions to Reduce Device Total Cost of Ownership and Improve Productivity

Honeywell devices are IoT windows into business operations, as well as critical assets that make day-to-day business happen. MDM tools and traditional actionable insights are not enough to make a significant impact on reducing device Total Cost of Ownership and ensuring ongoing productivity. 

In addition to deep, data-driven insights, the Operational Intelligence suite of solutions enables you to introduce workflow automation that prevents issues before they happen and helps manage issues in real time to greatly reduce IT support costs and negative impacts to productivity.

Discover What’s Possible With Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence suite is comprised of 3 solutions:


What does asset troubleshooting really cost your business? According to VDC research it could be as much as 83 mins to resolution per issue. What does that do to your team’s productivity? How many sales missed, orders not picked, and deliveries delayed?

Operational Intelligence Professional and Enterprise can solve up to 85% of the leading issues contributing to device TCO.

You can get back up to 1.5 hours in productivity per worker, per device issue solved with Automated Workflows, Actionable Alerts and Insights, and Remote Device Triaging.

Keep workers working, predict problems before they happen and reduce your total cost of ownership of devices


Are your top IT tickets related to mobility, printers, or scanners?

By implementing Operational Intelligence Standard and its ruggedized asset management capabilities, you can see as much as 9% of your serviced devices fixed remotely and an 8% reduction in mobile trouble tickets opened.1

1 VDC Research Group, Inc. | Enterprise Mobility, “Total Cost of Ownership Models for Line of Business Mobile Solutions,” December 2018.


Master IT Management

Helping Shape the Future of our Customers’ Operations

Learn More About How Operational Intelligence is Helping Workers Return to Work
Operational Intelligence is being used to enforce social distancing and safety procedures.


Increase Battery Lifespan
A large retailer in the UK with more than 500 mobile computers deployed across 100 stores gets a high number of complaints that batteries do not last long enough. See how Operational Intelligence helped.


Find a Solution for Missing Devices
A US retailer with 2,500 mobile computers experiences 20 percent lost or stolen devices over a three-year period. Read how Honeywell helped.


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