Packing, Loading, Shipping by Pallet, Case or Piece: Dispatch Goods Faster and on Schedule

Much like inbound workflows, in outbound workflows it is vital to keep the flow of material on the dock fluid and moving. Fail to do so and your shipping process stalls. Shipments are delayed. Customer service levels are impacted.

A Honeywell connected solution for outbound processes includes a mobile computer paired with a mobile printer and printer media. Here’s how it can help revitalize your outbound workflows.

Scanning outbound destination labels allows the operator on the loading bay to communicate directly with the warehouse management system to ensure that all pallets for a given route/stop are loaded. This eliminates costly extra routes that result from pallets being left behind.

In addition, scanning the door and/or trailer upon entry to load the pallet ensures that each pallet is loaded onto the correct routes/stops. This eliminates extra transportation costs associated with wrongly loaded/delivered product.

And with a Honeywell printer, your workers can quickly reprint labels on demand. Plus, they can use the mobile computer’s camera to verify load condition, helping eliminate costly damage claims against the DC later.

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