Patient Admissions Workflow Solutions

Matching the right patient to the right medical history, medications and doctor's instructions. It’s critical to providing the right care. And it’s all built on the patient barcode ID wristband. 

But there’s a lot more to patient admissions than printing wristbands and file labels. Reading drivers licenses, insurance cards, and even scanning documents. It’s all part of the process – and must be handled with care. We get it. That’s why we developed barcode and imaging technology for the unique needs of the patient admissions process.

Honeywell Patient Wristband Solutions Build Confidence From the Start

Patients may not realize it, but you do. The quality of both the patient wristband and the information that’s printed on it are essential to their care in the hospital. As a healthcare provider, you must have confidence in your choice of wristbands and printer. 

At Honeywell, our focus is on providing integrated workflow solutions, not just one-off products. Our wristband printers are easy to setup and use – a welcome benefit for your admissions staff and hospital IT staff alike. Honeywell wristbands specifically for healthcare requirements ensure simple, intuitive printer loading and one-at-a-time printing to minimize waste.

Honeywell Healthcare-Ready Scanners Simplify Data Capture 

During the admissions process, scanning barcodes, driver’s licenses, insurance cards and even documents is extremely simple with Honeywell's imaging and scanning solutions. Browse our featured products below to explore Honeywell hands-free imaging scanners, including our newest Pocket Scanner for tablet-based mobile scanning applications that gives you the freedom to do admissions at the bedside.

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