Clinician Workflow Solutions for Specimen Collection

Specimen labeling has recently come under greater scrutiny as the next big Meaningful Use opportunity to improve patient safety. At minimum, specimen collection labeling errors contribute to wasted time. More alarming, they can lead to the serious consequences of a misdiagnosis. That’s why hospitals have been working closely with their EMR vendors and Honeywell to create new solutions and new best practices for specimen labeling. 

Find out more about trends and Honeywell’s latest solutions for your specimen collection workflow below.

Today’s Best Practice for Printing Patient Specimen Labels

In the past it was common for nurses and phlebotomists to print specimen labels at a centrally located printer at the nurses’ station or in the hospital lab. From there, the clinician would make the rounds, carrying the specimen labels for different patients from room to room. 

Although clinicians normally take great care to select the proper specimen label for each patient, errors do occur. Those mistakes are costly – and unnecessary.

Today the best practice is to print a patient specimen label only at the patient’s bedside and only at the time the specimen is ready for labeling. This workflow eliminates the risk that a clinician will choose the wrong label. 

EMR vendors have updated their software to reflect this workflow improvement. And leading hospitals have been deploying specimen label printers in greater numbers than in the past.

EMR vendors realized that true bedside printing requires hospitals to mount a mobile printer on every WoW cart. Also, they must add wall-mountable printers in high specimen collection rooms such as the ED, ICU and PACU.

Gone are the days of a nurse or phlebotomist carrying a printer or labels to a patient’s room. Clinicians have more critical things to do with their hands and there attention. Whether you use WoW carts or handheld computers for specimen collection, a bedside printer is critical.

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