Transform Your Inspection and Maintenance Operations with Voice Direction

Documenting inspection and maintenance checklists is typically inefficient. That's because it forces technicians to enter their observations as a separate step from the inspection process. But no more. The Voice Maintenance & Inspection Solution's “Hands-Free, Eyes-Free™” technology helps elevate your documentation and compliance to levels never before attainable.

Achieve Better Compliance by Voice-Enabling and Streamlining Processes
Voice M&I solutions deliver a new level of documentation and compliance in your maintenance and inspection operations. Using voice in a Hands-Free, Eyes-Free manner enhances the documentation of standard operating procedures. It also provides the continuity you need for better consistency across your locations.

Honeywell Voice Maintenance and Inspection supports optimized, best practice processes that:

  • Maximize your technician procedures;
  • Virtually eliminate the cumbersome and inefficient steps traditionally associated with previous generation technology alternatives.

For example, using voice for inspections cuts down the outdated back-and-forth data entry and look-up time on a laptop, handheld device or paper form. Instead, simply speak commands and verbally input data findings directly into your system via a headset with a microphone while performing the inspection task.

How Honeywell Voice Maintenance & Inspection Works
The Voice M&I solution can seamlessly integrate with information from your host data system, such as an ERP or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software.

1. Voice M&I directs your technician through the checklists using voice commands and technician responses.

2. The technician interacts with a display to review images or descriptions.

3. The spoken information is converted into text and communicated back to the host data system with real-time updates for your solution.

To learn more about how you can transform your company's maintenance and inspection operations with Vocollect voice solutions, contact us today.

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