Never get locked out again

Honeywell has launched a new app which allows employees to regulate temperatures in the office and gives them building access even without a staff ID, or security card. The company’s new Vector Occupant app allows workers use their smartphones to adjust the office temperature and gain access into locked buildings without the need of a security enabled ID pass.

The Vector Occupant app assists locked-out workers, giving them rapid access to their office without needing to call for help or replace security cards. Employees simply hold up their phone app to the black card readers instead of their plastic security cards. The app helps identify the worker and only gives them access (unlocking doors and floors) that the employee normally has access too. The technology could eliminate the need for plastic workplace security cards and eliminate card replacement or reprogramming costs.

In addition to providing greater workplace accessibility, the Vector Occupant app also assists with office temperature control. By pressing a button, the cloud-backed app lets employees alert facilities managers when a work area is too hot or cold. The managers then press a button to acknowledge the complaint and is then able to remotely change temperature settings, without visiting floors to manually adjust thermostats. The integrated system also lets the managers identify temperature patterns.

    “Buildings are alive and teeming with opportunities for users to interact with them — if you can make the right connections,” said John Rajchert, president of Honeywell Building Solutions unit. “Smartphones and apps continue to enhance our everyday lives, from allowing us to hail a cab to giving us direct insight into where we stand on a restaurant waiting list. We’re now applying these same concepts of insight and control to how one interacts with a building.”

The app is the latest “Internet of Things” offering from Honeywell, and although the product has only recently progressed through beta testing, it is expected to offer building managers and employees alike significant benefits.

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