Operational Intelligence

One platform to monitor valuable IT assets.

Many mobile devices are not performing to expectations or are being improperly maintained, impacting business productivity and profitability. According to industry studies:

up to
of devices go missing
up to
of devices are sent for repairs unnecessarily
up to
of devices fail before a full day's shift

Operational Intelligence is a cloud-based software solution that solves this problem. It gives you actionable insights through the real-time tracking and analytics of the IT devices powering the front or back house of your supply chain.

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Discover what’s possible with Operational Intelligence.

IT asset management isn’t a guessing game.

When 25 percent of returns are classified as no fault found, the repairs workflow needs intelligence. Streamline your repairs with a vendor-agnostic solution that systematically standardizes, manages and optimizes the repair process. "Right size" your spare pool and "right place" your IT assets across sites.

  • Consolidate and configure device lifecycle and RMA processes into one efficient system.
  • Receive real-time status updates on assets returned for repair.
  • Track support contracts and verify vendor adherence to Service Level Agreements.

Elevate your performance with cloud technology.

Are you safeguarding your mobile devices so they won’t go missing? Connect your mobile devices to the cloud to ensure they're never misplaced or abandoned within operational facilities. And take control with user-defined events that generate notifications and leverage analytics to evaluate asset utilization and health levels.

  • Engage with an integrated dashboard delivering key performance indicators, allowing you to evaluate your IT assets’ health and utilization levels.
  • Track device location to reduce loss and inventory count times.
  • Analyze device drop and fall events to improve care and reduce wear for longer lifespan.
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Cybersecurity isn't optional.

Did you know that a data breach costs an average of U.S.$3.8 million? By remotely updating software and security patches, you reduce time spent manually checking and updating individual devices. Streamline your IT team's workload and efficiency in maintaining devices with remote central monitoring and management.

  • Remotely update device operating system, firmware and security software to reduce cybersecurity risks.
  • Remotely configure device software systems and applications to be eligible for support from OS vendors.
  • Remotely troubleshoot device issues and test real-time configuration updates.

Empower your workers with data.

Analyze worker performance and workflow efficiency by tracking device and application usage. Join the 69 percent of global organizations that are building integrated systems to analyze worker-related data.

  • Monitor, compare and score your workforce through device usage and productivity to identify opportunities for continuous improvement.
  • Gain real-time metrics for each step of your job workflows to detect bottlenecks and create opportunities for process improvement.
  • Leverage machine learning on IT asset usage patterns to optimize performance.
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A history of success.

Discover how Operational Intelligence can deliver real results for you.

Increase battery lifespan.
A large retailer in the UK with more than 500 mobile computers deployed across 100 stores gets a high number of complaints that batteries do not last long enough.

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Find a solution for missing devices.
A US retailer with 2,500 mobile computers deployed across 500 stores experiences 20 percent lost or stolen devices over a three-year period. It costs their operation more than $100,000 per year to replace these devices.

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How it works.

This is how Operational Intelligence uses a collection of cloud-based software modules to monitor and analyze your devices.

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