Honeywell is preparing for Brexit


Honeywell, like other companies doing business in the United Kingdom (UK), has been carefully reviewing the effects of Brexit on our operations and across our supplier, customer and partner bases in advance of the UK’s anticipated departure from the European Union (EU) on October 31, 2019.

Based on the latest political developments in the UK, we believe that the chances of a no-deal Brexit have significantly increased. In case of a no-deal scenario, the UK will leave the EU on October 31, 2019, without a contract regulating future relationship between the UK and EU. As a result, supply chain interruptions at the EU-UK border are considered to be very likely.

Most of our products are delivered to distributors from our European Distribution Centre in Duisburg, Germany. The mode of transport is via parcel mode using air, which avoids the ports. We don’t expect the same level of disruption for air freight as road freight, but we do foresee limited additional lead times because of potentially new customs processes for air freight. To ensure adequate supply and to help avoid delays to end customers, we are asking our distributors to buy inventory in advance in the near-term.

As an additional layer of mitigation against potential delays at the border, we request you to plan your November orders well in advance so that we can pull forward demand to ensure continuity of supply. Our customer service or channel sales teams will contact you concerning this and schedules will be adjusted accordingly.

We thank you for your contribution to our efforts to ensure we regularly continue meeting our customers’ needs.

Please contact your local account manager if you would like to discuss further or send your queries to us.


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