New Vehicle Mount Technology to Improve Distribution Centre Operations


Honeywell has announced their new industry-leading vehicle-mounted computer is now available to Australian and New Zealand warehouses looking to boost their competitiveness. Designed for use in the toughest distribution centre environments, manufacturing facilities and freight operations, the new Honeywell Thor VM3 is the industry’s most capable full-size vehicle-mounted mobile computer.

Combining laptop-like simplicity with advanced application performance, the device gives operators the right tools to improve productivity and task accuracy. The VM3 offers the best purpose-built device in its class due to its simple and easy system integration, and flexibility to support multiple operating systems. It includes the largest display available in a Windows® CE platform vehicle-mount computer, while equipping operators with the legacy Thor features, including a quick-mount Smart Dock and field-replaceable front panel, to allow greater worker productivity, minimise support costs, and maintain compliance with all IT policies. With the Thor VM3 computer, you also gain the compatibility you need to upgrade to next-generation Microsoft® Windows® operating systems.

The VM3 offers the latest security and productivity-enhancing features and functionality to maximise efficiencies in activities such as case picking, truck loading, putaway and replenishment.

    “We collaborate with our customers and partners to provide uniquely differentiated tools that enable customers to find the best solutions for their business, driving business results throughout their distribution centres and beyond,” said Scott Powell, Senior Manager Connected Industrial Worker, Honeywell Scanning & Mobility. “The VM3 is just one of many solutions that add up to make Honeywell the only company able to provide a complete suite of hardware and software solutions to empower mobile workers in the distribution centre with the information they need to reduce operating costs and grow their business.”

For more information about the Thor VM3 please visit here.

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