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      Emons Spedition & Logistik, headquartered in Cologne, is a medium-sized, independent family business. The logistics service provider, founded in 1928, transports over three million shipments per year and has a turnover of approximately EUR 350 million. Over 2,000 employees work at the 87 worldwide locations, and provide all forwarding services from a single source.
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Case Study (PDF)

October 2016

Within just four months, Emons Spedition has replaced 920 handheld computers for mobile order management in local and long-haul transport at 21 locations. As a supplier, TIS GmbH ensured a timely rollout of Honeywell devices.

Three types of devices, two manufacturers, nine testing criteria, and eight weeks’ trial: As part of an elaborate field test, between 10 and 15 drivers at four Emons Spedition locations influenced the company’s decision to purchase more than 920 mobile computers for telematics and navigation. At the end of the testing period, the display, usability, and battery had to be judged meticulously using a point system. For example, the size and brightness of the display, the susceptibility to glare and distracting reflections, its behavior when signing with the stylus, and the response and waiting times after inputting data were all assessed.

Supports Windows and Android

At the end of the trial, the CN51 from Honeywell was the clear frontrunner. “Even on paper, we liked the device because of its very good performance reserves,” admits Gunnar Stellmacher, Head of IT at Emons. In addition, the CN51 works with both the Windows Mobile and Android operating systems. “As a result of this openness, we remain flexible during the entire operating life and, were we to change to Android devices, we wouldn’t need to purchase new hardware straight away,” said Stellmacher. Finally, today no one can know exactly how long Windows Mobile will continue to be supported by the system and software companies.

The business engineer planned the field test together with his colleague, Patrik Hamacher. “The acceptance of the drivers is crucial for the success of the project,” says Hamacher, who is the specialist for mobile devices at Emons. The predecessors from another manufacturer in 2010 were unable to completely convince the drivers. However, the catalyst for the new investment was the limited processor and memory capacity of the previous hardware. “We had reached the limits of the old equipment and were unable to implement any new applications for mobile order management,” explains Hamacher. The CN51 has now changed this situation.

Fast Assembly

The supplier of the 920 new Honeywell devices was TIS GmbH. The company, which is based in Bocholt, organized the timely delivery to 21 Emons locations within less than four months. “I became aware of TIS whilst reading a specialist article about a barcode project for Spedition Bursped,” recalls Stellmacher. In addition, TIS has a wealth of logistics and process expertise, which was visible in the deliverable hardware accessories, among other factors:

With each CN51, TIS delivered a mobile vehicle mount of their own design, which can easily be installed and removed thanks to a suction mount and the power being supplied through the cigarette lighter. “Being able to install the mount quickly is very important to us, as we mostly work with subcontractors and occasionally use hire vehicles,” emphasizes Hamacher.

Robust and well thought out

With an operating temperature of -20°C to +70°C, the charging station withstands significant temperature fluctuations and does not limit the scope for application of the Honeywell CN51. Drivers are able to easily insert and lock the product into the charging station using one hand. The protected contacts (pogo pins) ensure secure connections. “Not only are the chargers from TIS very well thought out, but they are also very robust and are ideally suited for the demands of use in trucks,” summarizes Stellmacher.

Apropos: Since the commissioning of the first units in August 2015, it has been noted that the units are very robust and well-made. “The few recent failures have related exclusively to impact damage,” confirms Hamacher. The batteries of the CN51 have also already proved themselves. “In the early weeks, we were using a few devices without mobile charging stations, and their batteries were able to last the entire work shift,” says Stellmacher. In addition, the first – very hot – summer has already demonstrated that intense heat cannot harm equipment that is fastened directly on the windscreen.

Conclusion: The rollout of the new Honeywell CN51 hardware went smoothly. Against this background, Emons are also calm about the next stage of the project. From the summer of 2016, the 920 units will be equipped with additional software functions.

Background: Emons Spedition & Logistik

Emons Spedition & Logistik, headquartered in Cologne, is a medium-sized, independent family business. The logistics service provider, founded in 1928, transports over three million shipments per year and has a turnover of approximately EUR 350 million. Over 2,000 employees work at the 87 worldwide locations, and provide all forwarding services from a single source. The company’s broad portfolio includes groupage systems, part and complete loads, CEP services, air and ocean freight, road feeder services, and container trucking. The range is supplemented by rail cargo, combined transports, and RORO transports to Russia. Another big area of the Emons Group is warehouse logistics; the Group has over 93,000 square meters of covered storage space across 19 locations.

The truck shipments are mostly transported by subcontractors. Emons works with over 900 drivers every day. Their own fleet has over 100 swap-body trucks, 1,000 swap bodies, 35 road tractors, 20 distribution trucks, and 160 trailers.

Background: Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions

Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions (S&PS) is a globally leading provider of specially designed sensors, switches, and control systems, as well as productivity– enhancing solutions for our high-performance data collection hardware, including durable mobile computers, speech recognition software, barcode scanners, and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), and workflow printing solutions. Our products are used in the following fields: aeronautics and astronautics, automotive, field service, healthcare, industry, manufacturing, medicine, retail, procurement, testing and measurement technology, transport, and logistics. We offer unbeatable precision and reliability for increased efficiency, enhanced operational productivity, and improved customer service provision. For more information about Honeywell’s sensing products, see http://sensing.honeywell.com, and for more information about Honeywell’s productivity solutions, see http://www.honeywellaidc.com.

Background: TIS GmbH

Based in Bocholt, Germany, TIS GmbH is one of the market leaders for sophisticated telematics projects. TIS stands for “Technical Information Systems”. Since 1985, the company has been developing intelligent telematics solutions for forwarders, transport and logistics companies and retail chains. Currently, more than 50 employees work for the medium-sized enterprise. The latest generation of products are platform-independent software solutions under the brand name TISLOG Logistics & Mobility. With the powerful hardware of renowned partners and internally-developed hardware accessories, TISLOG is the optimal complete solution for companies looking for professional telematics solutions. www.tis-gmbh.de

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