How Connected Worker Makes a Difference

Improve worker and plant productivity. Minimize downtime and squeeze better performance from your operation. Ensure the complete regulatory compliance – and safety – of your entire workforce. Connected Worker helps you:
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Eliminate Manual Processes and Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Automating tasks like maintenance and inspection reduces the errors caused by paper-based systems while helping workers complete the task correctly and safely.
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Maximize Accuracy and Efficiency

Drive higher performance and efficiency out of your operation while improving the accuracy of both your workforce and operational metrics.
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Minimize Safety Costs and Prevent Incidents

Simplify and safeguard your safety practices by streamlining the collection of critical data. Connected Worker delivers the information you need to reduce the cost and complexity of operational safety.
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Integrates Seamlessly Into Your Operation

Secure solutions that integrate plant, edge devices, and personnel give you the control and visibility you need, without the costly downtime.

Industry-Leading Solutions for the Connected Worker

Worker Productivity

Helping workers focus on their tasks, while eliminating non-value-added steps.

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Worker Compliance

Helping you to ensure that workers always follow all safety programs.

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Worker Safety

Real-time data that offers visibility into safety and health for field and lone workers.

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Workforce Analytics

Using deep data to make decisions that continuously optimize safety, increase performance, and drive the bottom line.

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Latest Innovations

Taylor Smith, President of Workflow Solutions, explains the Honeywell vision for the Connected Worker

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Why Connected Worker Will Improve Your Business

Tight budgets. Intensifying regulations. A widening skills gap. It’s never been harder to help your industrial workforce thrive. At Honeywell, we’re right there with you – serving over 500 million industrial workers around the world. We created Connected Worker to simplify the daily challenges you have in getting the job done fast, right, and safe, while getting workers safely home to their families.
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Productivity, Safety, Performance – Connected

Honeywell Connected Worker is a customizable suite of rugged hardware and software solutions that help workers be more accurate and efficient. They enable workers to focus on tasks, and help organizations increase productivity and reduce incident response time. Also, Connected Worker provides the relevant, real-time insights managers need to make smart decisions that reduce risk and optimize performance.
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Produce more. Prevent incidents. Protect workers. Predict what's next. Honeywell can help.

We developed the Connected Worker portfolio of solutions to simplify and reduce the impact of the challenges your operation faces. Each solution works as hard as you do to get the job done quickly, correctly, and safely.

There’s a New Solution to Ad-Hoc Compliance

Many safety professionals have an ad-hoc approach to compliance administration, involving a mix of paper-based systems, clipboards, databases, and mammoth spreadsheets which can put the visibility, accuracy, and reliability of safety data at risk. These ad-hoc compliance systems also hamper productivity. Safety managers may spend more than 50 percent of their time – in some cases, all of their time – collecting, analyzing, and reporting compliance information.

Honeywell Worker Compliance Connected Software combines real-time data about safety monitors and gear, worker training and location into one centralized online interface. This provides instantaneous visibility on worker readiness for the job. This visibility includes an inventory of a company’s personal protective equipment (PPE) and other assets – along with the compliance status of each piece of equipment, the worker assigned to it, and the worker’s training status.

Connected Worker Tackles Your Business Challenges:

Slow maintenance and inspection process

Paper-based process is prone to errors

Remote workers are increasingly difficult to track
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Customer Success Stories

Honeywell serves over 500 million industrial workers around the world.

Connected Detection Brings New Safety Levels at Calumet Specialty's Shreveport Refining Facility

As the oil and gas industry continues to experience a global uptick in production, risk from exposure to dangerous gas is more prevalent. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the number of fatalities from exposures to hazardous substances in 2013 represented 12% of the 4,405 worker fatalities in the United States. But there’s a solution: connected plant-wide gas monitoring for 24/7 remote detection of hazards.

Calumet Specialty's Shreveport Refining facility produces specialty lubricating oils, waxes, and fuel products such as gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. Production processes pose risks to personnel within the facility, as well as those beyond the facility's fence line. Calumet safety managers were determined to build a safety program that ensures staff members within the center and the surrounding community are safe from exposure to harmful gases and substances. Calumet has improved its control and monitoring of hazardous gases by installing a RAE System by Honeywell connected system that provides fence-line monitoring of the facility.

Safety program that ensures staff members are protected from exposure to harmful substances.

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Connected system provides fence-line monitoring of the facility.

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Increased control of hazardous gases.

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