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Better Connected – It Can Save an Oil Lot of Trouble

Getting better connected happens when you combine intelligent sensing devices with cloud-based data transmission and software. Multiple benefits to oil and gas producers ensue: automated compliance, streamlined processes and efficiency, and bottom line boost.
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Prabhu Soundarrajan

Pushing Boundaries through IIoT-Enabled Gas Monitors

In this Q&A published in Plant Works Engineering, Prabhu Soundarrajan, Global Connected Worker Leader for Honeywell Industrial Safety, talks about how the latest Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)-enabled technology is pushing the boundaries of gas detection and monitoring, while also helping businesses increase productivity.
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Sensepoint XCL and Sensepoint XRL

Get Smart (Design)

Four Honeywell products won Red Dot Awards for design excellence owing to their smart, connected attributes. Honeywell product designers explain what constitutes thoughtful design – namely, its intuitive, technical advanced and easy to operate features.
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John Waldron

Cloud and Automation Poised to Create Disruption, Opportunity

John Waldron, President and CEO of Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions (SPS), met with customers and partners at Honeywell’s Connected Symposium from SPS to discuss use cases for deploying the Internet of Things and how to harness data for worker safety.
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Cleo Cabuz

Worker Safety Intelligence at the Edge

Cleo Cabuz, vice president of engineering for Honeywell Industrial Safety, explains how the Internet of Things will push the edge of worker safety and productivity.
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