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Safety Suite is a cloud-based, open platform that lets you securely manage and review all of your safety information in one place, from almost anywhere, in real-time. Because Safety Suite allows you to connect your data, it helps ensure you have up-to-date insights to make informed decisions. 

The evolving family of Safety Suite applications gives you comprehensive coverage of your people, your assets, and your environment while automating time-intensive safety tasks. The ultimate goal of Safety Suite is to better protect lives while maintaining compliance, enhancing productivity, and boosting the bottom line.

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Three Reasons to Buy Safety Suite

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Reduce the Number and Severity of Incidents

Protect employees and minimize liability with Safety Suite applications which give you a 24/7, real-time, and comprehensive view of safety data from individual or multiple sites at one time. With the most up-to-date information on worker readiness and with early signs of threat detection, you're better able to assign work and have a fast response to an emergency.
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Streamline Device and PPE Management

Extend product lifecycles and lower equipment inventory when you streamline everyday device and PPE management tasks such as tracking and maintenance. Safety Suite’s offerings help you automatically set up gas devices with proper thresholds, effortlessly recalibrate them, and automate deployment of software updates. Safety Suite’s open platform helps ensure you manage selected devices and PPE from third-party vendors.
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Make Meeting Regulatory Standards Hassle-Free

Reduce compliance costs when you simplify day-to-day reporting requirements with Safety Suite. Applications help you automatically capture data from devices and let you customize reports and automate their distribution. You’ll also receive notifications for maintenance, inspections, and employee training, thus alleviating your compliance headaches and reducing the cost and incidence of violations.

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Current Safety Suite Offerings

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Device Manager

Maintain and track your fleet of devices so they’re always up to date and ready to protect your workers and assets. Device Manager reduces the burden of administration, reduces IT headaches, and simplifies compliance with state-of-the-art technology that ensures data is encrypted and privacy threats reduced. Available in two versions: Safety Suite Device Configurator, suitable for local deployments (Windows-based software) and Safety Suite Device Manager for multi-site fleet management (Cloud-based software).

  • Maximize ROI on current inventory with an open-ended platform that supports BW and RAE devices.
  • Save time by automatically configuring devices, inputting thresholds on gas detection, and recalibrating devices through software.
  • Reduce IT headaches with easy deployment of firmware updates across all devices.
  • Efficiently collect data with one click download for all devices.
  • Improve team communication with automatic generation and distribution of reports for events, calibration and bump test status.
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Worker Compliance

Transform the capabilities of your safety function by managing PPE, training, and worker compliance – all from one open interface. When you can see worker compliance status and required PPE by task in one view, you can improve outcomes by quickly assigning qualified workers to the right jobs with the right tools.

  • Reduce time spent on training with automatic notifications for recertification.
  • Proactively track and schedule safety inspections so you can ensure efficient use of PPE, which allows you to hold less stock.
  • Gain real-time visibility into worker’s readiness for safe work.
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance which can lower premiums, prevent costly claims, and improve your bottom line.
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ProRAE Guardian

Receive real-time personal and point threat-detection data on toxic gases and radiation, workers’/responders’ locations, and their physiological conditions from the office or remotely from a PC, smartphone, or tablet. Cloud-based, wireless real-time tracking enables faster data-driven decision-making to protect workers and the public and reduce incidence response times.

  • Gain situational awareness for real-time decision-making by integrating data and alarm status from Honeywell monitors and select third-party monitoring devices on a single dynamic map.
  • Improve team communication by viewing multiple sites at one time and sharing information with various plant managers.
  • Enjoy increased efficiency by automating common tasks.
  • Drive productivity with real-time visibility into worker’s readiness for safe work.
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Which Safety Issues Would You Like to Address?

I’m currently spending a lot of time creating safety training requirements, setting up courses, scheduling them, and updating individual records to ensure compliance. How can Safety Suite ease this burden?

The Worker Compliance offering of Safety Suite automates curricula based on your employee’s role or assigned PPE. Next time an employee’s role changes or an employee uses a new type of PPE, Safety Suite will tell you which courses that worker needs and at which frequency — and it will even notify you when that worker needs recertification. In addition, Safety Suite integrates with your other learning management systems, so you can manage all training from a single interface. 

I want people at each of my four locations to be able to monitor their local and remote devices, and I need real-time visibility to all devices in my corporate office. Can this be done safely and securely?

Yes! Safety Suite’s ProRAE Guardian integrates device data and alarm status from Honeywell toxic gas and radiation monitors and select third-party devices on a single dynamic map. It allows the information to be shared by multiple plant managers or responder teams through a secure Internet connection. The real-time data can be viewed remotely on a PC, smartphone, or tablet.
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We have a very small IT staff, and with PC issues as their priority, it’s getting hard to get them to help out with routine tasks that I barely have time for. Can Safety Suite help me rely less on IT?

Safety Suite’s Device Manager automates many IT-related issues of device management, so yes, you should be able to ask less of your IT team. For example, configuration has been simplified across all devices using logical data groups to manage individual configuration elements effortlessly. For even faster configuration, device templates can be defined and applied across all devices. You can also manage device firmware using on-screen notifications for obsolete firmware and one-click firmware updates.

How can Safety Suite help me reduce incidence of worker injury or death?

According to the National Safety Council, falls are one of the leading causes of worker injury and death — and they’re often due to breakdowns in compliance tracking. For example, fall protection equipment may not be properly inspected for wear and damage, employees may not receive the proper training for working at heights, or they may receive the wrong equipment for the job. Worker Compliance software, offered as part of the Honeywell Safety Suite, enables you to prevent these pitfalls —with real-time visibility on equipment inspections, training status, and workers’ readiness for safe work.

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