Automated Compliance Delivers Safety and Productivity

Get constant visibility of your workers' safety and streamline documentation, so you can make fast, informed decisions to protect your workers, prevent an incident, and optimize operations.
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What is Connected Compliance?

Honeywell Connected Compliance helps organizations determine whether PPE and other equipment have been inspected and are safe to use by trained workers. Connected Compliance automates training administration and assigns training to workers, so you can quickly see whether they are compliant with training requirements and ready to be productive. Ditch the clipboard and instead, automatically log and track compliance data for regulatory assurance.

Safety and Productivity with Greater Ease

Without connected compliance, workers are slowed by pen-and-paper methods for tracking compliance, stay vulnerable to error and costly overhead that distracts from business critical activities. When safety and optimization are the focus, connected compliance is the solution. It ensures all checks and inspections are properly executed, certified workers use the approved equipment, and operations are streamlined.

The Growing Cost of Poor Compliance

In 2016, employers paid out more than $62 billion in direct worker compensation. And the total annual cost of lost productivity, reduced morale, and increased absenteeism because of injuries and fatalities is worldwide $170 billion.
(Source: National Safety Council, OSHA)

Simplify Support. Increase Compliance and Productivity.

Maintaining compliance with regulations and with internal directives is an important priority for any operation. Honeywell Connected software solutions simplify, support, and speed compliance related to confined space, and workspace monitoring. With Connected Software, companies can automatically maintain data logs of detection and alarm data. This reduces tedious, manual entry and provides a reliable data source for internal audits, retrospective analysis, and training.

Connected Solutions Solve Compliance Challenges:

High cost of incidents

High cost of worker safety

High cost of lost productivity

Resolve These Challenges with Connected Compliance

Protect your people, boost your business, and streamline your day.
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Streamline Documentation, Reduce Errors, Speed Up Tasks

Reduces errors, costs, and risks while accelerating processes in maintenance, inspection, plant management, and more.
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Train and Retain with Greater Simplicity

Helps reduce cognitive stress and minimizes task complexity for the worker, enhancing morale, retention rates, and productivity in parallel.
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Process Improvement for Optimization

Standardize best-in-class processes and ensure repeatable and safety-compliant actions and tasks across facilities and workforces. Associate instruments to specific workers.
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Lower Costs and Improve Productivity

Mitigate the risk of expensive incidents and enable plant-wide focus on business performance.
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Explore Connected Worker Compliance Solutions

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Safety Communicator

Honeywell Safety Communicator is an app for both industrial-grade and non-industrial-grade smartphones. Safety Communicator enables real-time communication between a worker’s personal safety instruments and a remote monitoring system, and is available for both Android and iOS phones. The phone and app act as a personal communication hub for a worker. They collect readings and alarms from instruments over Bluetooth (BLE) or Wi-Fi and transmit them in real time to a remote system over a 3G/4G cellular communication network. The Safety Communicator app also transmits a worker’s information and location to the remote system, which enables safety managers to quickly react and provide necessary assistance in case of an emergency.
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Safety Suite

The Honeywell Safety Suite compliance and training management system transforms the capabilities of your safety function. Safety Suite automates and streamlines the collection of critical safety data – PPE, training, and worker compliance – throughout your operations. Safety Suite provides the information you need to improve communication, to reduce cost and complexity, to increase safety, and to manage risk. The cloud-based Safety Suite integrates your safety data in one place, viewable in real time – so you always have the information you need to make better decisions.
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What Our Customers Think

"We typically have a 24-hour downtime every time we do maintenance. If we can reduce an hour or more – and we do these every six weeks, or ten times a year – we can reduce just an hour every shut down. This can amount to as much as $100,000 per year in cost avoidance, all because we have a good instrument.“
Lyndon Jones, Plant Manager of Pacific Ethanol’s Boardman, Oregon facility.
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Enhanced Safety. Improved Efficiency.

A large Oil & Gas customer in Europe has eliminated paperwork on hearing exposure and achieved real-time compliance. As a result, they estimate annual savings of up to $2M by removing paper-based operations and going electronic for automated noise-exposure management.
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Up to $2million savings

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Real-time compliance

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Noise exposure management

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