Faster. More Accurate. Safer.

Connected Worker Solutions for Task Management help you get rid of the clipboard, and ensure every process is faster, safer, repeatable – and critically, compliant with industry regulations.
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Ditch the Clipboard for an Automated Solution

Connected Worker Task Management incorporates an array of automated, knowledge-based solutions that help workers focus on their tasks, while eliminating non-value added steps and manual processes. Our connected remote notifications and alerts and threat-detection solutions also help decrease the number of safety incidents. These Honeywell solutions enable greater technician retention, and increase worker morale and productivity – which maximizes system uptime.

Performance and Productivity Streamlined

With increasingly-complex industrial operations and reduced operating budgets, keeping your organization running smoothly and safely can be a challenge. Automatic data logging and analytics reduces your paperwork and delivers the ability to provide faster training and onboarding. Studies also show that automated data capture reduces compliance costs by 25%. Connected Worker Task Management is all about making the organization safer, while increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Automated Task Management Reduces Errors and Increases Productivity

Give your workers the right tools to get the job done on time, every time, with better worker safety and productivity results for your operation. Connected Worker Task Management helps you to:
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Reduce Errors, Speed Up Tasks

Reduces errors, costs, and risks while accelerating processes in maintenance, inspection, and plant management.
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Make Your Workers' Jobs Easier 

Helps reduce cognitive stress and minimizes training time and complexity for the worker.
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Achieve Standardized, Repeatable, and Compliant Processes

Standardizes processes and ensures repeatable, safety-compliant actions, and tasks across facilities and workforces.
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Deliver Better Productivity and Efficiency for Lower Operational Costs

Drives greater productivity out of operations to deliver critical bottom-line savings and efficiency.
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Explore Connected Worker Solutions for Task Management

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Voice Maintenance and Inspection

Documenting inspection and maintenance checklists is typically inefficient. That's because it forces technicians to enter their observations as a separate step from the inspection process. But no more. Voice technology's hands and eyes free combined process helps elevate your documentation and compliance to levels never before attainable.
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Movilizer Platform

Honeywell Movilizer software solutions empower supply chain managers, plant managers, warehouse managers, and service managers to deploy nimble and dynamic remote and field worker strategies in the field.
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Honeywell Safety Suite.
Be compliant. Be efficient. Be safe.

Learn how to protect employees and minimize liability with Honeywell’s Safety Suite software solutions.
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