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The Connected Worker Analytics Ecosystem

Turn your safety and productivity data into powerful business insights. Arm operations managers with the data to make better decisions.

Real-Time Data Improves Safety and Response

When it comes to protecting your facilities and your personnel, being able to monitor toxic gas and radiation threats remotely via wireless monitors is an important safety and productivity advantage. Making the most of this critical safety information requires the right software. Honeywell Connected Worker analytics solutions enable you to integrate raw monitoring data in real time to create actionable intelligence in a centralized command center. Real-time information helps safety or plant managers improve safety through remote monitoring of biometrics, threat/gas detector networks, RFID, and process control. Our open-platform technology supports integration with other systems, and includes an SDK to integrate third-party devices.

Get the Insights You Need Anywhere, Any Time, in Real Time

Our industry-leading software displays and integrates real-time measurements, biometrics, location, plume, weather, and other situations and alarm status from remote instruments in an intuitive map format. Connected Software can help you speed assessment and decision-making, mitigate risk, protect assets, and simplify trend analysis. Our analytics solutions also automate logging and organization of data for more efficient regulatory compliance. Real-time information can be accessed on desktop and laptop PCs, smartphones, and tablet computers. Data from remote locations can be shared 24/7 and around the world for compliance tracking, data analysis, monitoring, response, and remediation.

Analytics Drive Faster, Better Decisions, Productivity, and Revenue

State-of-the-art Connected Analytics simplify reporting and streamline administrative tasks, so you can increase productivity, save time and increase revenue. Highly intuitive and user-friendly interfaces enable you to pull data in an intelligent, effective, and time-saving way. System configuration and management can be handled remotely, and maintenance issues can be scheduled, which saves time and resources. One-click data download of all instrument data provides instantaneous decision and analytics insights.
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Analytics Tackles Issues So You Can Ramp Up Performance

It’s not about collecting more data. It’s about bringing you relevant, timely insights that you can easily apply to make more effective decisions. From continuously refining workflow to supporting near-term and future efficiency and safety goals, Honeywell helps organizations achieve powerful, predictable, scalable results.
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Anticipate and Prevent Potential Future Safety Incidents

Armed with the information to anticipate where and when a safety incident might occur means that you can predict - and prevent - incidents before they occur.
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Optimize Productivity and Safety in Real Time

In an industrial operation, information is only as useful as its ability to change processes and inform decisions ahead of time. Real-time analytics give your operation the tools to optimize productivity and safety.
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Root Out and Rectify Negative Performance Trends

When your operation is not performing optimally, you need visibility of the issues, fast. Connected Worker Analytics help identify performance trends and hardware issues, and guide you towards a resolution.
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Access Valuable Information Easily

Offering high-quality analytics served in an intuitive, customizable format can facilitate better and faster fact-based decision-making, so you can build reports and analyze data for actionable outcomes.
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Explore Connected Worker Solutions for Analytics

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ProRAE Guardian

The Honeywell ProRAE Guardian System wirelessly delivers situational awareness; tracks, identifies, and logs the concentration of toxic chemicals, radiation, and plumes from personal and point threat-detection monitors; and enables faster data-driven decision making that protects workers and the public and reduces incident response times.
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Honeywell Safety Suite.
Be compliant. Be efficient. Be safe.

Learn how to protect employees and minimize liability with Honeywell’s Safety Suite software solutions.
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Honeywell Connected Worker Analytics facilitate better and faster fact-based decision-making, based on historical information and real-time data – that can also be used in AI to model and predict outcomes. Get in touch to find out how we can improve your operation.

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