Laboratory Workflow Solutions

Accurately tracking specimens is almost as critical as the test results themselves. That’s why hospitals today have made barcode labeling and scanning the foundation of their specimen tracking systems. It’s also why you need choose your barcode labeling and scanning solution carefully.

Honeywell is clearly a leader in bedside barcode systems. And for many years, we’ve applied our workflow solutions expertise to bring precise scanning and printing solutions for lab tracking systems too.

See for yourself. Below you’ll find a specialized collection of products optimized for today’s laboratory workflows.

Your Lab Operations Must Be Efficient and Accurate to Meet the Demands of Modern Patient Care 

And that requires fast, precise barcode scanners and printers that optimize your workflows.

Honeywell scanning technology is based on digital imaging instead of lasers. It’s an important distinction. Like a digital camera, imagers take a picture of the barcode to read it. Laser scanners use a laser beam as a light source and measure the light reflected back from the barcode in order to read it.

Why a Digital Imaging Scanner?

Imaging is faster, more tolerant of curved labels, and especially well suited for reading the smallest 2D barcodes used in lab applications. Whether you need hands-free, mounted scanners or truly mobile cordless scanners, Honeywell technology is the recognized healthcare leader. Explore Honeywell lab scanning solutions.

Lab Label Printers are Like Hubs in a Lab Specimen Tracking System

You want precise printing that’s fast. You also want your printers to be reliable and easy to maintain. Patient care doesn’t stop just because your printer does. You can count of proven Honeywell printer products. And we offer custom label media products, too. Explore Honeywell lab printing solutions.

Lab Workflow is Changing – Being Mobile is More Critical Than Ever

Honeywell is with you. We’ve combined our best-in-class barcode scanning technology with leading edge smartphone solutions to deliver a mobile platform for your new LIS mobile applications.

Find out more about what your lab operations can accomplish with Honeywell laboratory workflow solutions. Contact us today.
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