Accelerate Efficiency with Real-Time Visibility, On-Site and in the Field

Optimizing parts availability while balancing location and stocking levels is a daunting task. With Honeywell automation, you’ll have immediate visibility to inventory – in the warehouse, in transit, at the customer site or in the technician’s hands. And with easy access to accurate parts inventory, you’ll be able to improve forecasting, balance stocking levels, and respond quickly to immediate demands.

With Honeywell, you can choose from several methods of parts identification – from a variety of barcode symbologies and media types to ThermaEtch permanent marking and RFID. And with our rugged barcode and RFID enabled scanners and mobile computers, you’ll be equipped for both in-premise and mobile inventory management at the point of work.

A Prescriptive Solution for Enhancing Inventory Asset Management 

Intelligent stock allocation combined with direct, real-time instructions to your workers improves their productivity on site and in the field.

Vehicle-mounted computers
Support task management aligned with the warehouse management system.

Handheld and hands-free scanners
Quickly manage and process your asset data with ease, getting information out to the field and back to the system – all in real time.

Vocollect™ voice solutions
Generate up to 10-25% productivity improvements by transforming your workflows with voice-enabled devices.

Mobile computers
O/S versatility, large multi-touch displays, superior scanning and battery life offer you more ways to send and receive information.

Global tracking
Delivers satellite-based products and services for tracking, monitoring and protecting your assets.

Integrated Solutions for Your Asset Management Workflows

Our rugged yet agile products work together to provide you with robust solutions for a wide range of inventory and asset management applications, including:

  • Parts identification
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Work in process (WIP) tracking
  • Remote parts management
  • Supply chain management
  • Workforce automation
See for yourself: For more about what you can achieve with Honeywell workflow solutions for inventory asset management, contact us today.
Worker using handheld computer with an attached sensor
Worker using handheld computer to scan items
Worker using handheld computer


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