Nursing Workflow Solutions for Medication Administration

Properly prescribing and administering medication in hospitals is key to patient recovery and safety. That’s one reason why thousands of hospitals have chosen Honeywell barcode systems to help their nurses ensure the five rights of meds admin.

For example, the Honeywell Xenon™ scanner delivers the level of performance and durability healthcare professionals expect. And although WoW cart scanning is clearly the most popular solution for medication administration, many hospitals also use Honeywell hand-held mobile computers to capture barcodes and add that extra degree of mobility to their workflows.

To dramatically reduce errors and improve staff productivity, barcode scanning and labeling need to begin at the patient bedside.

Honeywell WoW Cart Solutions Dramatically Improve Scanning at the Bedside

Although WoW cart barcode scanning is common throughout hospitals today, Honeywell has introduced new solutions for WoW carts that dramatically improve the way nurses and other clinicians use barcode scanners at the bedside.  

For example, consider presentation mode scanning with the Honeywell Xenon™ cordless barcode scanner. Just mount the scanner in an elevated, forward-facing orientation on the cart. Nurses can then take full advantage of the scanner’s “presentation mode” feature. It’s like using the built-in barcode scanners at a grocery store.

Presentation mode scanning is faster. There’s no need to squeeze the scanner trigger. And it frees the second hand to handle items more quickly. Plus, nurses can better focus on the computer screen – and spot critical meds administration errors before they affect patients.

Honeywell Handheld Mobile Computers: Fully Certified for Bedside-Nursing Applications

Many leading EMR software vendors offer excellent mobile applications for medication administration. And Honeywell’s leading handheld mobile computers are fully certified for these bedside-nursing applications. 

Use our handheld mobile computers, barcodes scanners and printers together for a seamless solution. It’s just what your clinicians need to master their workflows, so they can focus on providing the highest quality patient care.
Discover what your hospital can achieve with Honeywell nursing workflow solutions for medication administration. Contact us today.


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