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On February 14 we introduced our latest product innovations for connecting assets, workers, and supply chains – from powerful software to rugged hardware and smart automation. The online event was broadcast live from Dallas, Texas. 

Honeywell executives – including Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions President and CEO John Waldron – were joined by key industry experts and partners. Innovations presented during the broadcast included our latest connected solutions for logistics visibility and efficiency as well as workplace and worker safety. We highlighted how our newest technology solutions and advances are helping industrials to adapt and thrive in an evolving Digital Age, for greater insight, productivity, efficiency, and safety.

For the benefit of our global audiences, we are offering a replay of the event.


Connected Distribution Center

Connected Supply Chain

Connected Worker

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John Waldron John Waldron

President and CEO, Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions

Peter Howes Peter Howes

President, Honeywell Productivity Products

Taylor Smith Taylor Smith

President, Honeywell Workflow Solutions

Pieter Krynauw
Pieter Krynauw

President, Honeywell Intelligrated

Lisa London
Lisa London

Vice President, Marketing & Offering Management, Honeywell Productivity Products

Chris Benson
Chris Benson

Chief Scientist Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions

Brendan Sheehan
Brendan Sheehan

Sr. Marketing Director, Honeywell Process Solutions

Jon Liberman
Jon Liberman

Sr. Director Hardware, Manhattan Associates, Inc.

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