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Affordable, Reliable, Easy-to-Use Solutions for Point of Sale, Inventory Tracking, and  Asset Tracking

Honeywell retail scanners and general duty barcode scanners are just what businesses need for their day-to-day barcode-reading applications. They’re ideal scanning solutions for point of sale, and inventory and asset tracking in retail, library, tool crib, back office, and access control applications.

With a variety of wired and wireless Bluetooth® scanners to choose from, you’ll find the right retail or general purpose barcode reader for your scanning needs, including reading poor quality and damaged barcodes.

Among our selection you’ll find:

  • Upgradeable linear 1D barcode readers that makes it easy to affordably upgrade the device to 2D and PDF scanning when you need it

  • Versatile barcode scanners you can use either as handheld devices or hands-free presentation scanners with automatic infrared activation

  • Environmentally-friendly, battery-free models, including the world’s first supercapacitor-powered barcode scanner

And our barcode readers are easy to use – so easy, in fact, that no set up or training is required.

See for yourself. Browse our selection of point-of-sale barcode scanners and general duty barcode scanners below to find the right fit for your organization. Or simply contact us for more information.

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