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For Tough Jobs – Including Fast-Paced, High-Volume Barcode Scanning

From rugged warehouse environments to ultra-rugged outdoor job sites, you can trust our handheld, industrial-grade barcode readers to provide superior durability and reliability.

  • Encased in water and dust proof housings
  • Rubberized to reduce damage from falls or tumbles
  • Specially built to address common challenges in different vertical markets and environments – outdoors, around harsh chemicals, and rugged mobile jobs
  • Also perfect for fast-paced, high-volume barcode scanning
  • Wired and wireless rugged scanners available
  • Available Bluetooth® wireless technology provides freedom of movement up to 100 m (330 ft) from the base

Whether for close-up, arm-length, or extended-range scanning, choosing the right industrial barcode scanner for your needs is essential to getting a great return on your investment and lowering your overall cost of ownership.

Choose from our laser, linear image, and area-imaging handheld, rugged barcode scanners below. Or simply contact us for more information.

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