Purpose-Built Mobile and Vehicle-Mounted Computers

Standard computers can’t stand extreme cold for long.

Frost covers their screens, making them difficult if not impossible to read. Frost can also stop them from properly scanning barcodes, forcing workers to enter data manually.

When moving from frigid to warmer temperatures, condensation causes the same problems – and worse: internal component failure.

Another potential source of trouble: computer batteries. The colder the temperature, the more likely batteries won’t release enough energy for the devices to perform as intended.

For pharma, medical, food – any business that involves working in industrial cold storage environments – these problems are not acceptable. With every instance of lost productivity, every schedule delay, and every device repair and replacement, operating costs go up . . . profitability goes down.

Your solution? Honeywell’s rugged, industrial cold storage mobile computers and vehicle-mounted computers.

Unrestricted device performance from sub-zero temperatures to blistering heat and back again

From receiving and putaway to order fulfillment and shipping, our rugged, purpose-built devices are specially designed and manufactured to withstand the extremes of your working environments. Your people can shift priorities between extreme cold store, refrigerator, cooler, chiller, and freezer conditions as frigid as -30°C (-22°F) to much warmer areas – up to 50°C (122°F) – and back again. All without a drop in performance or productivity.

Learn more about our computer products and how they can benefit your cold environment supply chain. Continue below or contact us for more information.

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