Boundless Flexibility

Our direct thermal paper label stock is available in an assortment of popular sizes for high-quality, cost-effective printing across multiple environments and applications.

Direct thermal labels do not require a ribbon to print, making them ideal for applications in which confidentiality is critical. Direct thermal printer supplies are coated with a heat-sensitive layer that is imaged through direct contact with the printhead. The result is a pattern of black dots forming text, barcodes, or graphics.

Our Duratherm™ product portfolio includes a broad range of printer supply products that match performance to your specific application needs and deliver excellent print quality for all industry requirements. The Duratherm offering includes direct thermal labels for use with both visible and infrared scanning devices designed to perform in environments of high humidity, high surface abrasion, as well as in applications demanding fast print speed.

The Right Product for Your Needs

  • Duratherm II - General purpose
  • Duratherm III - High humidity, moisture, surface abrasion
  • Duratherm XL - High roll capacity, general purpose
  • Duratherm III NIR - Premium label stock for challenging, high-speed environments (such as automated sortation)
  • Duratherm III IR - Top-coated, for environments where contamination may interfere with barcode scanning (IR scannable)

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