Announcing Honeywell Smart Talk, an all-in-one communication software solution for mobile devices. 

Workers in environments such as stores, hospitals, trucks and distribution centers often need to rely on a disjointed mix of communication solutions to stay in touch and perform collaborative tasks. There might be one method for talking to a co-worker, and another for messaging. Training and support is patchy, and security can be an afterthought.

Not any more. Honeywell Smart Talk is a unified communications software solution to help mobile workers better collaborate with each other, improving worker productivity and giving them the tools to provide superior customer experiences.

With their daily use of consumer tech, the next generation workforce expects a robust set of communication services. Honeywell Smart Talk empowers workers in highly mobile roles to make voice over internet protocol (VoIP) calls, have push-to-talk conversations, send instant messages to one or a group of colleagues, launch video calls and more. The all-in-one communication solution gives instant mobile communication capabilities to workers, allowing them to better serve customers on demand, where they are, providing immediate customer service to better improve profitability.

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The Honeywell Smart Talk solution is powered by CounterPath. With nearly 20 years of experience, CounterPath is an industry leader in VoIP applications and has more than 20 million activations worldwide.

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