Downtime and inoperable devices cause productivity loss across your mobile workforce. Honeywell Enterprise Mobility offers a range of services designed to keep mobile end-users up and running and ensuring that devices are repaired or replaced and returned to inventory quickly.

Device Depot/Advanced Exchange

Lifecycle Management Device Depot

A comprehensive device depot service to help companies manage device inventory and keep employees productive.

Device Depot
Enabling a program focused on spare pool management, overnight device replacement, collection of inoperable devices, and warranty management is key to return on investment and employee productivity. Honeywell Enterprise Mobility offers a comprehensive device depot service that encompasses all aspects of inventory management, advanced exchange, RMA/warranty management, and more.

Out-of-Warranty Repair

Lifecycle Management - Out-of-warranty repair

Peace-of-mind repair coverage regardless of when – and why – a device is broken.

Out-of-Warranty Repair
Organizations are faced with the reality of devices that break outside of warranty coverage. These occur when a device is older than the typical 12-month manufacturer’s warranty or when a device is broken outside of the warranty provided. Honeywell Enterprise Mobility offers options for organizations to achieve peace of mind through repair coverage regardless of why a device is broken.

Onsite, On-Demand Repair
Honeywell Enterprise Mobility maintains a network of more than 2,500 repair technicians that can be dispatched within two hours of requests Monday through Friday. Technicians are available to service employees at the office, at home, at a hotel, or any other location and can fix any device issue, including:

  • Screen replacement
  • Charging port replacement
  • Camera replacement
  • Device diagnostics
  • Device button replacement
  • Device housing replacement

If your organization needs on-demand repair to keep employees up and running, Honeywell has just what you need.

Centralized Repair
Devices break outside the warranty for many reasons, including time and accidental damage. The Honeywell Enterprise Mobility Device Protection Plan provides the coverage to centrally repair devices as needed, without worry for deductibles or shipping fees. The Honeywell DPP program includes repair for any reason, including accidental damage:

  • Unlimited incidents up to the value of the device
  • No deductibles
  • Two-way shipping included
  • Certified and AAA parts are utilized

Device Recycling and Buyback

Lifecycle Management Device Recycling

Services to help companies ease the disposal of mobile devices and other IT assets that have reached end of life.

Device Recycling and Buyback
Organizations often face the task of disposing of IT assets that are no longer needed. Honeywell Enterprise Mobility offers multiple options for the disposal of mobile devices and other IT assets that have reached end of life, including:

  • Device Destruction: If needed, Honeywell can have your device wiped, restored to manufacturer settings, and destructed in a responsible manner, ensuring that all corporate data is removed and devices are destructed with a corresponding certificate.
  • Device Buyback: Honeywell is able to bid on and purchase mobile devices and other IT assets no longer utilized in your environment. Devices are returned to Honeywell and wiped and restored to manufacturer settings and then sold to the market through a reverse auction format. This ensures that the value of IT assets no longer utilized is maximized.

Find out more about what you can accomplish with Honeywell Enterprise Mobility Lifecycle Management.
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