Mobilizing your business may be a top priority, but you can’t pull IT resources away from other mission-critical projects. By transitioning these activities to an experienced managed mobility services (MMS) provider, you can put mobile devices in the hands of your employees faster – and streamline mobility management for the future.

Mobile Device Deployment and Depot

Managed Mobility Services Deployment

Streamlined acquisition and rapid device deployment across all mobile operating system platforms.

Enterprise Mobility Deployment
Tighter budgets and the increasing pace of modern business have put pressure on IT organizations to accelerate company-wide technology deployments. Beyond the inherent challenges of onboarding any new technology, expectations around the speed of wireless device deployments may grow even greater as companies jockey to get ahead of the mobility curve. Add to the mix the complexity of bring your own device (BYOD), increasing fragmentation in the device market, and evolving security best practices, and it’s easy to see why many IT leaders feel overwhelmed.

Accelerate time to implementation and reduce risk
Even if mobilizing your business is a top priority, is it possible for your company to pull IT resources away from other mission-critical projects to get your mobility initiative up and running? By transitioning these activities to an experienced mobility-as-a-service provider, you can put mobile devices into the hands of your remote workers faster and streamline mobility management for the future. You can also minimize risks by freeing up your IT staff to assist and advise on deployment activities while still supporting the day-to-day technology needs of your business.

Gain a competitive edge
Honeywell Enterprise Mobility delivers a full range of planning, deployment, support, and management services to help you make the most of your mobility implementation. By combining our end-to-end consulting expertise with our global fulfillment capabilities, we can help your company turn mobility into a reality today – no matter where you do business.

Mobile Device Depot
Everyone knows that accidents happen – it’s a reality of the new world of technology. That’s why Honeywell Enterprise Mobility provides sophisticated depot services for your mobility needs. If a device is dropped or broken, we’ll be there to help you get a replacement. We can even make that happen overnight, because you shouldn’t lose productivity due to a nonfunctioning device.

Reduce downtime and improve efficiency
Our mobile device depot covers an array of services for new and existing customers, including overnight device replacement, damage or loss, device inspection, and warranty management. With our centralized inventory pool, Honeywell Enterprise Mobility can provide the widest variety of inventory choice and flexibility at a low equipment cost. And when your devices reach the end of their usable lives, we’ll take care of them: We cover device recycling in addition to warranty management and repairs.

Mobile Device Management Administration

Managed Mobility Services Administration

Evaluation, implementation, and administration of best-in-class MDM, MAM, and MCM solutions.

Mobile Device Management Administration
Whether you support bring your own device (BYOD), supply corporate-owned devices to your entire workforce, or rely on a hybrid approach, you still need to manage wireless access to your enterprise network. It’s no small challenge to monitor and support an increasingly diverse mix of devices that run different operating systems and are supplied by a variety of carriers. Emerging security threats and the rapid pace of innovation in the mobility market only add complexity. There’s a host of mobility management solutions available – how do you determine which is the best fit for your organization?

Safeguard more than just the device
When it comes to securing your organization’s mobility perimeter, you need to consider more than just your devices. You must also take steps to protect the applications that reside on and are accessed through those devices, as well as the integrity of your corporate data. Through our partnerships with the world’s leading providers of mobile device, application, and content management solutions, we can help you select the services that best fit your organization’s needs. Our consultants can also work with your enterprise IT team to plan, implement, and administer the mobility management solution of your choice.

Create your end-to-end security strategy
Honeywell Enterprise Mobility can help you take action on corporate mobility mandates without jeopardizing security. Our team will assist you with prioritizing investments in mobile security that incorporate hardware, software, and services to ensure complete protection for your wireless infrastructure. And we can work closely with your business and technology leaders to adapt to your mobile security strategy as your organization’s needs change.

Helpdesk Support

Managed Mobility Services Support

Helpdesk support available 24/7 to resolve end-user hardware, software, application, and connectivity issues.

Mobile Workforce Support
Mobility must work to deliver the productivity benefits it promises. Employee downtime from lost or damaged devices, improper device configuration, or the inability to access the latest applications can seriously undermine productivity – along with the return on your mobility investment. With help from a mobility-as-a-service provider, you can keep your remote workforce up and running at all times, scale your IT team’s reach quickly to protect sensitive data better, and gain a clearer picture of mobility performance across your organization.

Keep your workforce mobilized with on-demand support
Providing a great mobility experience means delivering responsive support whenever your remote workers need it most. Chances are your IT staff is already pressed for time and may not have the training to dive into a mobility helpdesk role – and relying on carriers and handset manufacturers can result in long wait times and unresolved issues, which only increases your helpdesk call volume.

Honeywell Enterprise Mobility provides 24/7 phone-based support to augment your existing IT capabilities. Whether your employees need to replace their devices or troubleshoot hardware or software issues, our team of professionals is available to help around the clock. In addition to serving your end-users, our consultants can help your IT organization assess support needs, advise on mobility policy development, and assist with creating helpdesk workflows to maximize efficiency. By centralizing your mobility support function through a single provider, you can gain visibility into the health and performance of your mobile ecosystem. This lets you track ROI over time and identify areas for additional cost savings.

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