The hardest part of mobilizing any business is keeping up with the pace of change in the mobility market. That’s why Honeywell Enterprise Mobility does it for you. We have the expert insight to help you understand and navigate your most pressing concerns about modern mobility.

Enterprise Mobility Planning

Professional Services Planning

Developing a mobility strategy is essential to the success of any enterprise organization. From devices, apps, and data, to storage, management, and support, Honeywell Enterprise Mobility will help guide you as you develop your organization’s mobility strategy. If you have a policy in place already, we can help you refine it.

To gain maximum value from mobility initiatives, companies must evaluate their business practices, growth goals, IT resources, and existing mobility investments. This thorough process is a critical first step in identifying areas for fast, meaningful ROI. But it can also place a burden on key staff members who already have mounting responsibilities and epic to-do lists.

Move your mobility initiative forward – faster
The hardest part of mobilizing any business is keeping up with the pace of change in the mobility market. Honeywell Enterprise Mobility provides expert insight based on our experience managing more than 1.5 million devices for customers worldwide. Our team will take the time to help you understand and navigate the most important mobility issues while coordinating planning efforts to free up your staff for other priorities and keep your deployment on track.

Build your mobilization plan
Honeywell Enterprise Mobility can assist with the development of your customized mobility roadmap. To minimize disruptions to your business and make the most of your existing investments, our team will analyze your company’s infrastructure and processes with your specific mobility goals in mind.

Mobile Application Development

Professional Services Development

Enterprise mobility extends far beyond the ability to access email on the go. Many companies are mobilizing CRM, invoicing, sales tools, and more. As they deepen their commitment to mobility, many more organizations are building new custom apps to address their changing business needs. Deciding which mobilized processes might offer the biggest payoff, how to secure access to new mobile apps, and when to rely on third-party support are just some of the questions companies should consider.

Simplify your mobile application development process
A partner that combines in-depth knowledge of your industry with a platform-agnostic approach to development can help speed the rollout of apps your people will want to use. Honeywell Enterprise Mobility offers end-to-end services strengthened by our partnerships with leading providers of specialty solutions.

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