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As impressoras inteligentes da série PM oferecem desempenho confiável para garantir o tempo de operação, instalação rápida e integração, e a maior produtividade em sua classe – sem a necessidade de PC. As impressoras PM43/43c (101,6 mm/4 pol.) estão disponíveis em diversos tamanhos de compartimentos e tipos de porta para se adequar à sua aplicação exata.

Planilha de dados (PDF)

Detalhes do produto



Dimensions (HxLxW):
PM43: 294.61 mm X 483.54 mm X 284.2 mm (11.6 in X 19.04 in X 11.19 in)
PM43c: 181 mm X 431.84 mm X 252.5 mm (7.13 in X 17 in X 9.94 in)
PM43c with Dome Door: 244.87 mm X 500.22 mm X 252.5 mm (9.64 in X 19.04 in X 9.94 in)

PM43: 15.82 kg (34.88 lbs.)
PM43c: 12.5 kg (27.65 lbs.)
PM43c with Dome Door: 12.71Kg (28.02 lbs.)


User Interfaces:
PM43/PM43c:Color Touch User Interface Icon User Interface

User Interface Languages:
On Color Touch LCD and Web Interface
PM43/PM43c: Color Touch interface and Web Page support in English, Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese

PM43/PM43c: • Ethernet 10/100 Mbps • RS-232, up to 115.2 kB/s

PM43/PM43c: • Parallel IEEE 1284 • Industrial Interface (8 digital in/out, 4 analog relays, 1 RS232/422/485 port) • Dual Serial ports RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and 20mA Current Loop • Dual USB Host/Boot

PM43/PM43c: • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n + Bluetooth® • Wi-Fi Certified, CCX (Cisco®) version 4 Certified • Static WEP (64 bit and 128 bit), Dynamic WEP (TLS, TTLS, PEAP, LEAP, EAP-FAST), WPA (THIP/CCKM Personal and Enterprise, WPA2 (AES-CCMP/CCKM Personal and Enterprise) • Multiple industrial-antenna options for maximized coverage

Supported Protocols:
PM43/PM43c: TCP/IP-suite (TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP, etc.), LPR/LPD, FTP, BOOTP, DHCP, HTTP, SNMPv1/2c/3, (SMTP.SNMP-MIBII supported – over UDP/IP – private enterprise MIB included) • Supports IPv4 and IPv6 • "No-touch" configuration capability through embedded RFID chip

Supported Serial Protocols:
PM43/PM43c: • Fingerprint/Direct Protocol: XON/XOFF, ENQ/ACK, DSR/DTR, RTS/CTS • IPL: XON/XOFF, Intermec Std. Protocol • USB 2.0 • USB Host/Boot (X1 on PM43C, X2 on PM43)

PM43/PM43c: Supports PCX, PNG, GIF and BMP file formats. Other formats supported with Label Generation Tools.

PM43/PM43c: Monotype font engine Non-Latin fonts available through WTLE

Contact your Honeywell sales representative for the most recent list of agency approvals.


Max Width:
PM43/PM43c:Max. Width with 203 dpi: 108 mm (4.25 in) Max. Width with 300 dpi: 106 mm (4.17 in) Max. Width with 406 dpi: 104 mm (4.09 in)

Max length:
PM43/PM43c:Depending on width (203 dpi to 406 dpi): (1.2 m) 48 in to (4.8 m) 191 in

Print Speed:
PM43/PM43cc:100 – 300 mm/s (4 – 12 ips) variable (203/300 dpi) 100 – 250 mm/s (4 – 10 ips) variable (406 dpi)

PM43/PM43c:8 dots/mm (203 dpi) 11.8 dots/mm (300 dpi) 16 dots/mm (406 dpi)

Media Type:
Labels and Tags, Linerless and Linered media

Max label width:
PM43/PM43c:Max/Min Width: 114.3 /19.05 mm (4.5 /0.75 in)

PM43/PM43c:3 to 10.4 mil

PM43/PM43c:Roll-fed or fanfold

PM43/PM43c:Gap, notch, black mark, continuous

Label Roll Max Diameter:
PM43/PM43c:Long Door: 152 mm (6 in) All Other Doors: 213 mm (8.38 in)

Label Roll Core:
PM43/PM43c: 38 – 76 mm (1.5 – 3 in)

Media Type:
PM43/PM43c: Ribbons

Label Roll Max Diameter:
PM43/PM43c: 80 mm (3.15 in), approx. 450m

Label Roll Core:
PM43/PM43c: Core ID: 25.4 mm (1 in)

Media Type:
PM43/PM43c: Wax, mid-range, resin

Media Type:
PM43/PM43c: RFID

RFID Standards and Frequencies:
PM43/PM43c: 18000-6C / EPC Class 1 Generation 2 865-928 MHz radio configured to comply with local UHF RFID regulations including FCC and ETSI. Contact local representative for availability in particular regions.



Flash ROM

Memory/Storage Extensions
PM43/PM43c: Multi-GB USB memory device (FAT16/FAT32 USB drivers supported)


Printer Command Languages:
PM43/PM43c:• C# for Printers • IPL • Direct Protocol • ZSim2 (ZPL-II®) • DSim (DPL) • XML enabled for SAP® AII and Oracle® WMS

Smart Printing Languages:
PM43/PM43c:C# for Printers • Smart Printing Developer Resource Kit • Write apps with .NET-compatible development environments Intermec Fingerprint • Use Intermec Fingerprint ApplicationBuilder (IFAB)

Configuration & Device Management Support:
PM43/PM43c:• PrintSet for printer configuration • SmartSystems™ • Sophisticated web interface for configuration, upgrade and 1:1 management • Wavelink Avalanche™

Applications & Drivers:
PM43/PM43c:• InterDriver™ Windows printer driver • CUPS driver for Linux • Intermec Certified Device Types for SAP® • Intermec label design and print package


All major 1D and 2D symbologies are supported.

Standards Supported:
PM43/PM43c:UPC/EAN Shipping Container; UCC/EAN 128 Serial Shipping Container; MH10.8 Shipping Label; AIAG (shipping parts label); OGMARS; POSTNET; HIBCC; ISBT 128; GM1724; UPS shipping label; Global Transport Label


AC Voltage:
PM43/PM43c:100 to 240 VAC, 45 to 65Hz

PFC Regulation:
PM43/PM43c: IEC320/C14

Power Consumption:
PM43/PM43c:Standby 9W; Peak 300W


pm43/pm43c:Options and Accessories
RFID UHF, integral self-strip unit with liner takeup, Label Taken Sensor (LTS), Full Batch Label/Liner Rewinder, parallel interface board, additional serial interface boards*, industrial interface boards*, real time clock, media supply hub, Collapsible Ribbon core cutter, Media low sensor, Linerless. *Not applicable when using IPL firmware.


Operating Temperature:
PM43/PM43c:+5°C to +40°C (+41°F to +104°F)

Storage Temperature:
PM43/PM43c: -20°C to +70°C (-4°F to +152°F)

PM43/PM43c:20 to 80% non-condensing


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