Let’s Get Visible: Telecom Expense Management for Mixed Mobile Environments


A mixed environment of both corporate-owned and employee-owned devices gives employees the freedom to use their preferred devices where appropriate, while employers maintain control of important assets where necessary. Although mixed environments are becoming the norm, managing them can still be challenging—particularly when it comes to telecom expense management (TEM).

Unfortunately, standard TEM solutions typically ingest data from the corporate phone bill. They lack mechanisms for tracking, analyzing, and reporting on bring-your-own-device (BYOD) costs in the context of overall mobile spending. The result is that mobility decision makers have to cobble together data from different sources to figure out how much is being spent on mobility each month.

One way to solve this problem is to use a TEM solution that tracks corporate-owned and employee-owned devices in a single view, which simplifies analysis and reporting of mobility spend across device types and employee roles. This makes it possible to continuously balance BYOD and corporate device costs together as part of a unified mobility strategy.

Consistent Cost Tracking

One of the difficulties of BYOD programs is that they are funded via stipends and are usually administered through the finance department. This can make it difficult to determine the total cost of mobility or compare the relative cost of your corporate-liable and individual-liable programs. With a TEM system designed for mixed environments, organizations can track these costs consistently and proactively without having to hassle the finance department for data. You also have the advantage of using a single reporting source, so that line managers can see employees’ total cost of mobility.

Enrollment Management

Using a TEM platform with a registration engine can help you roll out your BYOD program and supplement your mobile device management (MDM) deployment. Registering individual-liable devices for your BYOD program gives you the opportunity to share your acceptable use policies, and it gives employees an opportunity to review and agree to the terms. You can also choose to limit the rollout of the program to certain users or stagger the deployment.

Our enrollment portal allows you to share your BYOD policy and request that employees agree to the company terms and conditions. It also serves as a single source for information about the program, including training materials. The enrollment includes an approval workflow that helps you control who signs up for the program. It tracks the stipends and allows you to consolidate spend data from your BYOD program with your corporate-liable mobility plan, giving you a single view of your overall mobility spend.

Improved Visibility

In addition to helping manage costs, a TEM solution designed for mixed environments offers one-stop visibility into the entire mobile ecosystem. With that knowledge, mobility decision makers can identify challenges and opportunities proactively and continuously optimize their mobile environments for maximum return-on-investment.

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To learn more about managing your organization’s mobility costs, take a look at our BYOD template, BYOD Policy: It’s Protection, Not Paperwork.

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