Mobile Workforce Support: TLC for Devices and Employees


Problems happen—it’s a fact of life in any IT setting. And you can expect even more issues when employees travel far and wide with their mobile devices, rather than working safely at a desktop machine. By making sure that your support setup is top notch, you’ll keep devices humming and employees happy.

Part six in our mobility solution brief series focuses on why mobile workforce support is critical to the success of your mobility initiative and how to:

  • Face the mobile support reality. Dealing with the care and feeding of mobile devices isn’t really comparable to supporting other areas of your IT infrastructure. After all, mobility is a completely different animal. Delve into the unique challenges of mobility support—heterogeneous devices (some of which may be employee-owned), uncontrollable environmental impacts, and more. Consider some of the disconnects in how most help desks approach mobility and handle this growing area of support.
  • Find your support mojo. As you determine how to accommodate daily issues with mobile devices, make sure that you’ve considered the big picture, too. Think about how bring-your-own-device (and bring-your-own-app) programs affect support, and examine self-service opportunities that can help keep employees up and running without overtaxing your help-desk staff.
  • Remove the element of surprise. Responsiveness is the primary concern when it comes to helping employees address technical difficulties. To maintain an acceptable level of response, you need to anticipate the demand for support. Review the most common problem areas for smartphones, tablets, and ruggedized devices. Determine what other pieces of the mobile workforce support puzzle—depot services, outsourced help desk, locator tools—need to be in place for a comprehensive solution.

Find out more—read our mobile workforce support solution brief here.

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