Live from Mobile World Congress – Part 2


As Mobile World Congress continues, we are being wowed by the stream of new devices, products, and upgrades. But I can’t help thinking: What about security? From a BYOD standpoint, it’s critical that companies know that enterprise data requires multiple layers of security, and that employees know that personal information is kept private. Here’s the latest in what I’m seeing on security at MWC.

First up, the big news: AirWatch (a partner of Enterprise Mobile) just won Enterprise Software Best in Show, awarded by the GSMA, who is the organizing body of MWC. Considering that AirWatch is one of the leading providers of enterprise mobile management and security solutions, it’s clear that security is a top priority. Blackphone has also been getting a lot of media coverage on its Android-based operating system, which is designed to allow users to communicate securely and protect privacy. It has software support from the creator of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), which is the most widely used email encryption software in the world.

A brand-new approach comes from Samsung with KNOX, the company’s security solution for Samsung devices in the enterprise. It has been Samsung’s standard practice to “wrap” apps in the KNOX container, ensuring that only secure and tested apps interact with enterprise data. Wrapping also helps preferred business apps get easily approved on smartphones and tablets, and it protects apps from viruses and malware. Now, Samsung has just announced KNOX 2.0 with notable changes. For the first time, KNOX 2.0 will deliver the same security benefits without the need to wrap. That means that the whole app installation and management process will be streamlined and easier to implement. It will be possible to download original, unwrapped apps through Samsung Apps and through Google Play Apps when accessed through a mobile device management console.

I’ve been impressed by the attention paid to mobile device security here at MWC. Stay tuned for more highlights in days to come. And don’t forget to register for our recap webinar, taking place on March 4th.

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