Dark Mobile: The Secrets No One Tells You


Ever heard of dark mobile? If not, what you don’t know can definitely hurt you—and your business. Dark mobile can have negative effects on spending, management, security, and efficiency. This blog post covers what dark mobile means, and how you can manage it wisely to avoid wasting money.

The term “dark mobile” describes aspects of an organization’s mobile environment—hardware, accounts, services, access, and operations—that go unobserved and unmanaged.

Let’s look at several elements of this phenomenon (for all the details on dark mobile, download our solution brief).

Dark Hardware

Hardware management has a shadow side: smartphones and tablets that aren’t accounted for. They’re not in inventory records and might not be assigned to anyone, or they may have been assigned to employees who’ve forgotten about them.

Dark hardware represents lost value to your company, and it often goes hand in hand with another aspect of dark mobile:

Dark Accounts

Cellular voice and data accounts that go unused or neglected represent medium to high lost value. We’ve seen organizations waste up to tens of thousands of dollars every year on overlooked, abandoned accounts.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s also possible—and potentially very costly—to come up against compromised access and operations without even knowing it.

How a Mobility Partner Can Help

An experienced partner can identify unmanaged aspects of your enterprise mobility, in turn saving you money and improving security. For example, we can help you manage your mobile environment with programs such as device buyback, which lets you recycle old devices and effectively turn dark hardware into money.

Our offerings also include a mobile management platform with a range of functions, such as procurement automation, management of overages and roaming, and more.

Let us help shine a light on your dark mobile: Download our complete dark mobile solution brief or take advantage of our free mobility assessment today.


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