Best-In-Class CT50 Mobile Computer released in ANZ

Author: Tony Repaci, Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand, Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions

Honeywell’s latest mobile computer has arrived in Australia and New Zealand and is specifically designed for frontline workers who require an easy-to-use device with great performance. The Honeywell Dolphin™ CT50 mobile computer streamlines your workers’ tasks for maximum efficiency in a number of industries, including transport and logistics, field service, direct store delivery, and warehouse environments.

Featuring a modern all-touch interface, the Dolphin CT50 enables mobile workers to achieve a new level of productivity and efficiency for scan-intensive applications. It empowers workers to maximise efficiencies in mission-critical activities, including improving route efficiency, ensuring more accurate delivery windows, heightening the level of service to customers in the field with real-time scheduling, and more effectively responding to customer requests and requirements.

Taylor Smith, general manager, Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions said:

    “Honeywell delivers the latest in mobile computing with a truly connected device that promises the highest levels of productivity possible. Relying on decades of experience in designing connected worker-centric solutions coupled with a vision for the future of mobile computing, Honeywell has a strong grasp on what today’s diverse workforce needs and strives to drive efficiencies.”

The Dolphin CT50 offers the flexibility to select either Windows 10 or Android 6.0 Marshmellow operating systems. This operating system versatility offers end users enhanced security and compatibility with other devices such as tablets and personal computers.

Designed with the end user in mind, the Dolphin CT50 includes Wi-Fi® and 4G/LTE connectivity to ensure access to business-critical applications and rich multimedia such as streaming video and videoconferences whether in the office or connecting remotely from the road.

Featuring best-in-class imaging hardware and decoding software for fast and accurate omnichannel bar-code reading, the Dolphin CT50 offers maximum productivity for on-demand parcel delivery, remote technicians and metering workers.

To accompany the device, Honeywell will offer a full complement of accessories to support scan-intensive use cases such as a scan handle, docking systems and vehicle cradles for specialised activities such as mobile printing, payment acceptance and vehicle telemetry.

For more information about the Dolphin CT50 please visit here.

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