Global expert: 2016 field mobility strategies

Honeywell’s Movilizer Vice President of Sales, Jan Vermeesch, will visit Australia in October to speak as a global expert on how businesses are under pressure due to the rising importance of mobility.

Jan’s visit comes at a time when Red Hat research has shown that only 51 per cent of Australian and New Zealand organisations have the right skills in-house to develop and support their mobile enterprise strategy.*

IT departments today are asking how they can support their business in deploying mobile apps while also satisfying security needs, said Jan.

    “Under this pressure, IT departments soon realise that they can’t keep responding to business requests in an ad-hoc manner, but that they need to move to a more strategic approach to ‘mobilise’ their software and business models. But they need to optimise their operations with mobile apps properly and in a scalable way.”

Things that need to be considered in developing a business mobile strategy include infrastructure requirements, development skills and tools, integration capabilities with backend software, the scalability of the solution, its future readiness and last but not least its sustainability moving forward at an economically viable cost.

With these challenges in mind, the Movilizer Enterprise Application Platform has been designed so that companies can be provided with a long term strategy without having to deal with the complexities of the mobile market today and tomorrow.

During his visit, Jan will be speaking at Manhattan Exchange 2016 For further information about Honeywell’s Movilizer visit

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