Software Feature: Cloud Coders

Q&A with Richard Allan, cloud dreamer and visionary, as well as Founder of Cloud Coders

Describe Cloud Coders in a sentence:

As a member of NetSuite’s SuiteCloud Developer Network, Cloud Coders lives and grows in the cloud, providing quality applications and forward thinking solutions for our clients who span a number of industries.

Tell us about Cloud Coders products and services:

At Cloud Coders we believe in making cloud systems accessible to business owners and operators. We specialise in customising and integrating NetSuite with external systems. We also provide extensions to NetSuite to take your data offline and put it into the hands of your staff on the ground, even where always-on connectivity isn’t an option.

How do you stack up against the rest?

With a solid reputation in the market supporting NetSuite best practice and more than 10 years’ experience, Cloud Coders is one of the most experienced NetSuite Integrators in Australia. Having worked with several hundred customers to produce exceptional improvements in day-to-day business life and everyday operations, Cloud Coders’ in-depth knowledge of applications, together with extensive experiences with a range of industries, enables us to provide the most innovative solutions.

Who do Cloud Coders work with:

We obviously work very closely with NetSuite and beyond that we have a number of industry partners including Honeywell Movilizer, JCurve and Peacock Bros. And then there’s the hundreds of customers we have directly worked with over the years to help them integrate NetSuite solutions.

In terms of our partnership with Honeywell Movilizer, we have been working together over the past few years to develop integrations and applications that allow NetSuite to run on mobile infrastructure. We decided to work with Honeywell Movilizer because using their platform allows us to be agnostic in the mobile operating system space. This means that no matter which mobile platforms a customer runs on, our solutions will work for them. The partnership with Honeywell Movilizer has allowed us to fill a gap for our NetSuite customers who wanted a better and more cost-effective way of seamlessly managing their mobile workforce using the NetSuite solution, rather than having to invest in a completely different solution that didn’t interface directly with NetSuite.

What’s new at Cloud Coders?

We were recently selected by one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest NetSuite solution providers, JCurve, as the preferred Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) supplier using the NetSuite compatible Honeywell Movilizer platform. Our new partnership will deliver improved warehouse management capabilities for JCurve’s existing customers who use JCS NetSuite and ERP to process their orders. This means these customers no longer need to use a separate vendor and solution that runs in an independent environment for warehouse management.

Because the warehouse management solution is built on cloud-to-cloud based synchronisation, with no on-premise infrastructure required, data is delivered and updated in real-time from NetSuite to the handheld devices used in warehouse environments. The ability to access and update data in real time using NetSuite on a mobile device is a major win for customers who operate warehouses, as it delivers them a full picture of their entire operation. The solution is also beneficial for other workers relying on mobility including field service, maintenance operations, quality inspections and driver delivery workers.

The solution is simple to set-up, easy to use, and can grow with the business. We also understand the importance of business continuity and as a result, if a customers’ internet goes down or they have a large warehouse, the solution lets you keep on processing orders on the mobile device without an internet connection.

Have you witnessed any recent movements in the industry?

Over the past few years we have noticed our customers are increasingly looking at how they can streamline and increase the speed at which repetitive tasks are completed within their facilities. Therefore, a lot of our emphasis has been on developing and offering solutions that save our customers time and money.

Any plans for the future?

Continuing to build a set of standard cloud-based apps on the Honeywell Movilizer platform that seamlessly integrate with Netsuite for all field-based work including DSD, T&L, warehouse, retail, wholesale distribution and F&B.

How can we contact you?

Phone +61 (0)7 3188 7839, email or visit

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