Healthcare Workers to Get Productivity Boost with New Mobile Computer

Honeywell has launched a new mobile computer for the healthcare sector, the ScanPal EDA50hc, which boosts productivity and enables a better patient-satisfying experience. The new ScanPal EDA50hc handheld device combines reliability and usability to connect healthcare workers to the data they need to be more productive and efficient.

With the familiar design of a smartphone and running the Android® operating system, the ScanPal EDA50hc is easy for users to learn and operate while providing the rugged design needed to perform in clinical environments.

The ScanPal EDA50hc is a cost-effective mobile computer that enables companies to enhance agility and lower costs associated with training, worker productivity and data collection.

The new mobile computer is designed to be used by healthcare professionals who require reliable access to communication and information to provide a satisfying experience to patients. The clinical device supports point-of-care, specimen collection and inventory management applications in hospitals.

Importantly for mobile healthcare workers, the device not only helps improve productivity, but it also is designed for both durability and comfort. The device can sustain heavy use in the field yet features a lightweight design to increase portability and fit comfortability in a worker’s pocket.

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